Cognitive fatigue

the silent wave

I’ve held off writing this post for a while, hoping I wouldn’t have to, but as the game of life played out, I have to after all.

It’s 7p in the US Central Time Zone.  We finally got our home office desktop computer fixed (have you ever tried to blog on a very-outdated WordPress app?  It’s not pretty), and so I’ve invaded my partner’s space.  Or maybe over the past year or two he’s invaded mine.  I don’t know; I’m not sure who was here first.  And I’m not entirely sure that it matters.

I’m surprised at myself, on two points.  The first is, he’s dozing behind me and although that would normally be a creative dealbreaker, I’m finding myself writing this anyway.  The second is, it’s 7pm, when not too long ago, my brain would’ve given out long ago.

That’s probably the explanation I owe.  There was…

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