New name, new blog site, new article on misconceptions about autism

Yenn Purkis Autism Page

Welcome to my very new WordPress blog page. Along with my new blog I have a new name. Here is a link to a post which I wrote recently which explains my new name if you were wondering. Blog post: I am Yenn

This post is a revision of  post from some years ago looking at misconceptions about autism which are frequent and very annoying and unhelpful for autistic people. There are many more misconceptions out there than these. These are just a selection but hopefully you will find some use from the post.

🙂 Yenn

“You don’t seem very autistic to me. My [insert relative here] is autistic, and s/he/they can’t even get the bus. You have a job…”

While autistic people often share a number of general characteristics, we are all individuals. Two autistic people can be vastly different from one another. Autism is not a determinant of character…

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