From End to Beginning By Bobby Schuller

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“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

– Revelation 22:13

As we wrap up our discussion on faith, here’s an interesting thought for you to meditate on: God has already written the final chapter of your life. The Lord stands outside of time and He sees your story in its fullness; in fact, He writes from end to beginning and everything in-between is part of getting you to where He has destined you to be! Isn’t that a great thought?

Although you read a novel from start to finish, you always have the luxury of turning to the final chapter to see how it all turns out. While you don’t exactly have that option in life, knowing the character of the One writing the story enables you to get a glimpse of how it will end. In fact, because the Author of your life is love incarnate, you can be certain that the culmination of the story will be even greater than its beginning. Even better, all the in-between stuff, whether hardships, trials, triumphs, or tragedies, are contributing to your final victory. Since Jesus authored the story starting from the last page to the first, there is no chapter that is wasted, even when you don’t understand how and where it fits.

Friend, take heart today, because the only events included in your story are the ones that the Writer of all of history decided are important to get you to the best possible end! Though some chapters are dark and some characters obscure, the Creator of the universe set every one of them on the right page at the right time. You are the passion of His heart and He is totally dedicated to the outcome of your life; in fact, His Name is riding on it! Because He is in control of your destiny, you can have absolute faith in the best possible conclusion. Jesus is with you through the good and the bad and He has gone before you on the road to your destiny! Isn’t that amazing news?

Jesus, it brings me great comfort to know that you have written my story from the end to the beginning. May this fact grow my faith and confidence in your love and goodness.

Can you feel the effects of a spiritual war in your life?

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