A Dear Heart of Passion

My Joyous Feature

There is time for that dear heart to rise though these precious moments. Each emotions shall carry that trusted path. Using up that moment along the way. It’s more like turning feelings into a momentary reality. Cherishing it with some understanding and power.

A strong ability can comprehend a dear loving heart into that soulful whisper. Letting it flow into that spirited movement. That thoughtful pleasure can cherish that light through that dear heart. Taking it against some pure balance. Like opening that mindful power.

Life shall represent that true affection of soul. Carried that dear heart through some passion of joy and that source of empowerment. Making it more meaningful to taking it through. More like following that passion into an peaceful mind.

Dear Heart.

Empowering the ability to cherish the moment.

A mind of power shall lead the way.

Realizing that there’s feelings to go…

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