Finding your Polytunnel: Autism

Autism and Expectations

What on Earth has a polytunnel got to do with autism? What even is a polytunnel? What are you talking about? Is this a tangent too far?

All fair questions, and all with answers – tangential as they might be.

I’m writing this from my polytunnel. It’s a ten metre, steel-framed structure covered in some kind of poly-material, for growing plants in. I am sitting in its centre. The wind is flapping at its fabric, the rain is an occasional patter to remind me its there, but it is warm and still inside.

I am surrounded by growth. There are pea and bean and tomato plants all around me. There are optimistic melon plants and a hopeful grapevine that I will regret planting inside by the winter if I haven’t managed to rig up some kind of self-watering system by then.

I’m sitting and remembering how tiny these seedlings were…

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