Monday, Sixth Week of Easter

The Lord takes delight in his people.

In our prayer, we ask for the “fruit produced by the paschal observance,” the fruit which comes from our reflection on this Easter season.
Paul arrives at Philippi and his message is received by Lydia and her husband. We ask for the grace to remain open to hearing God’s Word to us and that we might respond generously.
Jesus continues to tell his disciples and us that he will send us an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, the Gatherer, who will testify – give witness – to Jesus for us, so that we can give witness to Jesus for others.
He tells us this so that we won’t become deterred in our mission by the ultimate rejection we will encounter in our world for witnessing to him. We can ask for the courage, strength and trust we need.

The Spirit of truth will testify to me, says the Lord,
and you also will testify. John 15


Feast of St. Augustine of Canterbury
Holy Father,
You have given us in St. Augustine of Canterbury, a great witness of Christian faith, grant through his intercession a renewed Christian unity among people of all Christian communities
and in a particular way bless the relationship between the Anglican Church and Roman Catholic Church.
Grant this through our one Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Jared Dees


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