Blessings in Disguise, disability and a romantic relationship

Ausomely Autistic

The first day I met him was in a special needs/disability church group. He seemed nice, and so I friended him on Facebook.

We started out with small conversations on messenger.

Slowly yet surely we evolved to video chatting. Our first date was at the movie “a dogs way home”, I enjoyed the movie throughly and it was a great date ❤️.

Slowly I began to have feelings for him, feelings that I don’t usually have for other people. When he would hold my hand I would feel tingling go up my spine, to be honest I was quite worried at first what was this feeling? But after a while I started getting used to it.

Today I have a promise ring that reminds me he will never give up on me. I love him so much, I don’t care if he is autistic and has cerebral palsy, He is…

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