Some Things in Life are Like Wildflowers

My Joyous Feature

In a perfect view something shall grow like wildflowers. Making it a lot more different than anything else. Something can grow very little or maybe a batch. Letting it rise through that perfect result. A solution that can have a wildflower taking over.

A pretty small figure can sparkle like wildflowers. It’s like “she’s that perfect wildflower”. A sudden wildflower can balance like a dream. That dream shall make it into a perfect little bonding.

While laying on that springlike grass there’s that perfect touch. A touch that shall make it into a wild blooming. Getting it like pure tenderness. A wildflower can put that shined through. Putting that moment in a different point of view.

Like a series of wildflowers something in that piece of life grows. Developing into a different form of life. Life can grow in places. Places that can feel like a story.

A wildflower can…

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