On the Abandonment of Psychotherapy, An Introduction -I-

- - - - THEORETICAL PHILOSOPHY - - - - "The Neurodevelopmental Spectrum©"

In a response to Prof. Laura Dilley’s “thread on some of the problems with the diagnostic approach to mental conditions posed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)” I commented that “the problem was created with the abandonment of individualised psychotherapy and the dawn of chemical psychiatry and behavioural psychology. Psychotherapy has become entrenched in Freudian/Jungian philosophy, while people needed immediate help. Shortcuts were arbitrarily created.”

I am acutely aware about the limitations of “twitter science”, however, I have found twitter to be, probably the best practice ground for channelling one’s Asperger’s/Dyslexia short-time memory nightmares into the holy grail of Orwell’s third of his “Six rules for writing”:

Orwell 6 rules

Continuing my line of thought, I wrote: “given its exponentially growing negative effects on the subsequent abandonment of individualism for the ephemeral short-term results of mass therapies, this has become my interest area. Foulkes (Fuchs) was…

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