Alternatives to the Autism Police Registry

Here is an alternative to police registries from the UK.  It is not a police registration.  It is a private registration with a civilian, non governmental organization called Missing Autism UK.  It allows previewing before filling it out, and it allows anyone to fill it out.  This form is only meant to be filled out if a person is actually missing.  These are screen shots, as the site is under construction.  All info stays privately within Missing Autism UK, unless the police ask for it to be released.  I prefer this system to the Vulnerable Persons Police Registry.  Feel free to print these screenshots for your own use.


There are other viable alternatives to vulnerable persons registries. Child Find Saskatchewan has paper booklets that can be mail ordered for free. The “youth” one is also suitable for adults. They also have a crisis line that anyone of any age can call if they are at risk.

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