A Quick Note About “Autism Martyr Parents”

Neurodivergent Rebel

Some comments on “autism martyr parents” / why we need to stand up to big media companies & tell them this type of content is unacceptable. Meanwhile autistic  people’s voices are almost never heard over the non-autistics speaking over us.

You can find them in “Autism Mommy Facebook Groups”, blog pages, and even writing books about how their “lives are heavily burdened by their autistic children”. You may have encountered them and not even know it. What is an autism martyr parent?

Autism Martyr Parent – Typically a parent who is convinced autism is something that needs to be removed from their child. They may, incorrectly, believe that underneath their “broken autistic child” lies a “trapped normal child”. Their main mission is often “curing the child of their autism” or making their child appear “less autistic” and “more normal”.

One key feature of an AMP (Autism Martyr Parent

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