Open-hearted Listener

My Joyous Feature

Open with a delightful peace and joy.

Putting some knowledge against so many things in life.

Empowering that truthful moment.

Needing some encouragements to go around.

Having that kind hearted spirit.

Eager to extend through that moment.

A true listener can understand something.

Realize there’s a shining light going around.

Taking that pure moment to challenge a true impression of life.

Empowerment shall take its stand.

Defining anything beyond that point of life.

Listen to that thoughtful moment.

In that pureness of life anything in that common mind shall be put in full control.

Staying on that positive side.

Taking that advantage beyond everything else.

Encourage that pure self to listen in.

Notice a little bit of something on the way.

Empower that pure essence of the soul.

React against that working…

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