What is Neurodiversity? – Neurodiversity in a Nutshell

Neurodivergent Rebel


Hi guys, NeuroRebel here … and the wiener dog.  (Yes, I love you.  Can you be quiet while I talk in the video?  Can you be a good boy?)  Let’s see if he’ll be a good boy.

I was diagnosed autistic just before turning 30, and I went a good portion of my life not knowing – well, I knew … I knew I was different, and I knew I experienced the world in a different way, but I just kind of thought I was a freak or a weirdo or nobody would get it.

Then, when I was diagnosed autistic, I realized oh my gosh, a lot of these experiences are very common for other autistic people, and there’s something really comforting about that.

I should say that every autistic person is different and every autistic person’s experience is very unique, but there are just some things that…

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