Scented Blossom

My Joyous Feature

In that very unique moment, there’s some scented flowers blooming it’s way around. Embrace it with a lovely sweet blossom. Resemble into that great touch of life. That scent can be more in a visionary moment. A moment that can shine into that pure joy.

There’s that gratefulness to a mindful response. Letting it blossom it’s way around. Nothing shall ever go to charm its way through those lovely gardens. Seeing it as a soulful feeling. Never going to remember that visionary feel in a scented way. Feels more like the wonders of happiness.

An addition to that pure blossoming state something can seemed like there’s different colors all around. Making it more magical than ever. Adding along that scented feeling.

Life puts a blossom moment to that easy movement. Like there’s a story that can keep on extending. In that reaction, it’s like someone wouldn’t prefer it to something…

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