Dolphin and Autistic Abuse Combined: The Dolphin Therapy Scam.

A fascinating look at the intersection between autistiphobia and speciesm.

Autistic Inclusive Meets

Word of warning, in this blog I will be using negative terminology and describing stimming behaviours as symptoms.

There will be person first language. This was done in order for me to blend in and validate my quest for a treatment for ‘children with autism’. My children at no time had this therapy inflicted on them. We visited three clinics over a two day period. After being contacted by a major newspaper a few weeks ago, I have been posing as a mother who is interested in dolphin therapy, working undercover with a journalist and a photographer in Turkey. I knew nothing about dolphin therapy prior to the last two day’s, and now I hope with the paper’s exposè and this blog, that less people will seek it out. The first day we went to a Dolphin Centre in Antalya, a well groomed Turkish woman spoke to us through an…

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