Trust in Life

My Joyous Feature

Trust in that quality of life.

Realize that life shall challenge its ways around.

Using trust as an honest impression.

Seeing it as a way to be open and honest with that positive reaction.

Trust in your genuine self.

Incredibly trust can feel like that strong empowerment.

Needing someone to confide to.

Life carries some trust along the way.

In that very moment trust shall lead the way.

Facing so many facts about it.

Embracing some trust at a very meaningful manner.

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Dolphin and Autistic Abuse Combined: The Dolphin Therapy Scam.

A fascinating look at the intersection between autistiphobia and speciesm.

Autistic Inclusive Meets

Word of warning, in this blog I will be using negative terminology and describing stimming behaviours as symptoms.

There will be person first language. This was done in order for me to blend in and validate my quest for a treatment for ‘children with autism’. My children at no time had this therapy inflicted on them. We visited three clinics over a two day period. After being contacted by a major newspaper a few weeks ago, I have been posing as a mother who is interested in dolphin therapy, working undercover with a journalist and a photographer in Turkey. I knew nothing about dolphin therapy prior to the last two day’s, and now I hope with the paper’s exposè and this blog, that less people will seek it out. The first day we went to a Dolphin Centre in Antalya, a well groomed Turkish woman spoke to us through an…

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A Different Form of Message

My Joyous Feature

Anything can form with a message. Utilize it with that point of life. Life can understand the positive moment through a message. Taking it through so many things. Finding it more like a powerful feeling to actually know about it. A message can be just about anything.

In a world a great message shall cherish through something quite astonishing. Enough to read or hear it like there’s peace going around. It can be bring it into that letter format. Through it all there can be no hateful moment in between. Anything beyond that message form can add more positivity in it.

Something can be like a message in a bottle. Traveling around into different areas. Seeing a stranger reading that message that comes from a bottle. Knowing how interesting a person should write that message in a very mysterious way.

A message can be a form of art. Display in…

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The Simple Joy

My Joyous Feature

That simple joy can carry out some pure happiness.

Happiness can shine through that pleasant moment.

Embrace the joys of life.

Simple as always.

In that pleasant moment a simple joy can cherish that sweet feeling.

Moments can find some joy.

Peace shall be formed like that simple joy.

Leading into that great feeling of all.

Encourage yourself to live out that simple joy.

Joy can lead into something with peace in it.

Open with that positive reaction.

Your sense of joy can be as simple as ever.

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