With Her Thoughts…

My Joyous Feature

With her thoughts…

… she can let go of everything that’s on her mind.

… she can escape these negative things.

… she can express herself.

… she can understand the things in life.

… she can control her feelings.

… she can lay her fears aside.

… she can find some peace.

… she can move on with her life.

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Loving A Dandelion

My Joyous Feature

That bright, lovely flower can have that loving feel into a different variety. Outside you’ll see it on the ground. You take it out and blow the soft petals out. There are different dandelions. One of the dandelions is yellow like it can be planted in the garden or anywhere else. The other one is a white fluffy looking flower that the petals can blow away.

Dandelion is the perfect name for that lovely flower.

A flower with that bright petal ready to be blown away.

Nice things to say about a flower like a dandelion.

Delighted with something to blossom with.

Enjoy seeing that loving flower.

Loving a dandelion with that bright feeling.

Imagine these petals as that tender softness.

Outside you can see the dandelion on that lovely green grass.

Nurture it like any other flower.

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