Let’s all laugh at celebrities that never learn anything tee hee hee

Autistic Rights and Freedoms

Image description: Two opposing photos. On the left, Kylie Jenner sits in a gold-gilded wheelchair, with short black hair, a black corset, and black heeled shoes. On the right, Sia sings into a white microphone. Sia has a giant white bow in her hair, black and blonde hair which is divided down the middle into both colours, and a white dress

CW: ableism, objectification of women, objectification of disabled women, sex, exploitation

It was the year 2015. 50 Shades of Grey was playing in theaters. Children of all ages were performing “The Dab”. The most well-funded primary electoral campaign in the history of the United States was singing the praises of John Ellis “Jeb” Bush.

From this inconceivable time in history, a rising, soon-to-be-self-made-billionaire entrepreneur, helped only by her generationally wealthy family, her appearances on one of the most widely-circulated reality shows on cable television, and a media circus that…

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