Christmas In My Heart

My Joyous Feature

Christmas can be in my heart.

Having the knowledge to cherish the wonderful time of the year.

Realize that Christmas can be celebrated in so many ways.

I love the holidays every year.

Seasons of bright and joy.

Telling Christmas stories all the time.

Make beautiful memories each time.

A true sense of Christmas can be out of the ordinary.

See a lot of decorations all around.

In the meantime Christmas can be like a magical moment.

Nurturing that loving feeling around this joyous time.

My heart may be filled by a certain peace and joy.

Year after year, Christmas always brings this one-of-a-kind feeling.

Hopefully there will always be a time for this season of joy.

Embrace the wonders of Christmas.

As well, the New Year is quickly approaching.

Realize the year shall be…

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