Let 2020 Coming to the End & 2021 be More of an Healing Process

My Joyous Feature

2020 turned out to be a very depressing year. In the final days of 2019, you believe 2020 may be as good as ever. In the third month of 2020, all of a sudden, the world finds itself in this shocking moment. Feels like the world was going to end when the pandemic just started.

The first day an outbreak was announced, everything changed quite shockingly. Shelves in stores are empty and later had to put down a limit of items per customer. Classes has to go online. Business had to be closed. Working at home can be a difficult task for some. Staying at home. Social distancing. Staying six feet apart from one another. Being safe like wearing a face mask and other things. You were thinking “when this is going to be over”.

In addition to facing the pandemic, there were so many things. On the news you…

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