Statement by sb. smith

Dignity Denied

Despite how the federal government postures itself, especially on the international stage, Canada simply does not provide the means (financial, medical, etc.) for the vast majority of its disabled citizens to live with dignity. This country does not honour the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. If Bill C-7 is passed into law, Canada will be the only country in the world with MAiD legislation of this nature–something that ought to be thought of as a point of shame rather than pride.

I strongly oppose the “reasonably foreseeable death” safeguard being removed from MAiD legislation with Bill C-7 and death, in essence, becoming a widely-available “treatment option” for disabled and chronically-ill people. This amendment will allow quick access to death for a group of people who are denied timely (or, often, any) access to necessary healthcare and support.I am appalled that, in effect, Bill C-7 would make it…

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