Statement from Bruce Triggs

Dignity Denied

Dear Senators,🪗My name is Bruce Triggs and I live in Vancouver. I am writing to call for you to vote No on Bill C-7, the Act to Amend the CCC (medical assistance in dying).It is truly disturbing that Parliament is voting today on this bill which expands the legal framework for killing people with disabilities, literally on theInternational Day of Disabled People.Under this bill, people will be offered government-administered death before theycould be accepted for assistance that would help to make their lives worth living. This is not aslippery slope to something worse, it is a demonstration that the worst is acceptable.

Under this bill, no minimal options and services are mandated when a person faces a life-crisis that leads them to consider self harm. It seems more like a suicide hotline, specifically fordisabled people, that responds, “If you aren’t getting support for you to live, would you…

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