Statement from Dr. Karen Ethans

Dignity Denied

Good morning. As a rehabilitation specialist physician,I treat people with severe disabilities. I follow people with spinal cord injury from acute care, through rehabilitation, transition to the community, and life long follow up. I prevent complications and manage symptoms to help improve quality of life of my patients. My recommendations I am making are based on my research and clinical experience.

Particularly concerning inBill C-7is the removal of the criterion of the person being expected to die naturally in the reasonable foreseeable future, which means that anyone with a significant disability may request MAID, and the waiting period is 90 days. While I respect everyone having autonomy once able to make an informed, independent choice for their care, I do NOT believe that people whohave a new, severe, potentially permanent neurologic disability such as spinal cord injury will have the ability to make this informed choice until they have had…

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