Statement from Kristine Cowley

Dignity Denied

Hello. I sustained a SCI in 1987 at the age of 20. After my injury I received three months in-hospital rehabilitation where I learned how to navigate the world as a person with tetraplegia, including how to manage all the altered physical functioning that comes with it. I was considered a model patient, returning to university while still in hospital. I had the support of dozens of friends and family, and still do today. I left hospital, continued University, and began training to compete in WC track. This then led to three medals and 2 world records in the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics. I returned to Winnipeg, got married and changed my name from Harder to Cowley, and took up my PhD studies, attaining a doctorate in 1998. I became a mother of twins in 1999 with a third child in 2001. I have travelled professionally and with my family throughout…

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