Statement from Tyler White

Dignity Denied

I am here to speak on behalf of Siksika Nation, a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy and Treaty 7 in Alberta. We have grave concerns over the implications of Bill C7 on our Indigenous community.

The expansion of “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD) beyond those whose death is foreseeable will have a lasting effect on the Indigenous populations in Canada, who suffer from greater health inequalities than non-Indigenous peoples in areas of life expectancy, rates of chronic diseases, disabilities, mental illness, chronic pain, and access to health services. Indigenous peoples also experience higher rates of poverty, food insecurity, and unemployment – all negative social determinants of health.

Let us be clear: MAiD, with its administration of a lethal substance with the intent to end a person’s life, is counter-cultural to our Indigenous culture and practices. Our concept of health and wellness does not include the intentional ending of one’s life…

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Statement from Dr Thomas Fung

Dignity Denied

I would like to take the opportunity to bring awareness to the challenges of practising medicine in First Nations and remote communities, where patients don’t receive equal access to care as in the city.

To illustrate this with an example from Siksika, I have a patient who suffers from Interstitial Lung Disease, which causes him to be short of breath even with simple tasks such as going to the washroom or going to the kitchen to get something to eat. He has poor mobility requiring the use of a walker, and he cannot walk for more than 2 minutes without gasping for breath. His stamina will improve greatly with home oxygen, but regretfully, his lab values on testing falls just short of qualifying for funding through Non-insured health benefits for First Nations. Without funding, his family does not have the finances to afford oxygen. There is no cure for his…

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Statement from Bruce Triggs

Dignity Denied

Dear Senators,🪗My name is Bruce Triggs and I live in Vancouver. I am writing to call for you to vote No on Bill C-7, the Act to Amend the CCC (medical assistance in dying).It is truly disturbing that Parliament is voting today on this bill which expands the legal framework for killing people with disabilities, literally on theInternational Day of Disabled People.Under this bill, people will be offered government-administered death before theycould be accepted for assistance that would help to make their lives worth living. This is not aslippery slope to something worse, it is a demonstration that the worst is acceptable.

Under this bill, no minimal options and services are mandated when a person faces a life-crisis that leads them to consider self harm. It seems more like a suicide hotline, specifically fordisabled people, that responds, “If you aren’t getting support for you to live, would you…

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Statement from Jesse Malm

Dignity Denied

Dear Members of the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs,

I am writing in opposition to the provisions in Bill C7 (MAID). My concern comes from how the decision is made around deeming that medical assistance in dying is the best available alternative. In many cases people who are poor, racialized, and disabled are not awarded the assistances and quality of life due to government imposed economic constraints that will unduly tilt the calculus towards MAID. This is harmful and wrong, and will push people already in vulnerable situations towards death. Without any guarantees or thresholds from governments on correcting documented poor and disabled quality of life deficiencies, poor and disabled people will die unnecessarily.

I am also concerned that the courts will likely ultimately agree that people not awarded all possible (not practicable) provisions for quality of life regardless its economy will have their Charter rights violated if…

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Statement by sb. smith

Dignity Denied

Despite how the federal government postures itself, especially on the international stage, Canada simply does not provide the means (financial, medical, etc.) for the vast majority of its disabled citizens to live with dignity. This country does not honour the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. If Bill C-7 is passed into law, Canada will be the only country in the world with MAiD legislation of this nature–something that ought to be thought of as a point of shame rather than pride.

I strongly oppose the “reasonably foreseeable death” safeguard being removed from MAiD legislation with Bill C-7 and death, in essence, becoming a widely-available “treatment option” for disabled and chronically-ill people. This amendment will allow quick access to death for a group of people who are denied timely (or, often, any) access to necessary healthcare and support.I am appalled that, in effect, Bill C-7 would make it…

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Statement from Gabrielle Peters

Dignity Denied

My name is Gabrielle Peters.
I am disabled.
I am poor.
I am poor because I am disabled.
Picking who will be poor is a function of society.
Bootstrap is a lie.
I didn’t choose to be poor.
I was not given a choice.
Politicians say if disabled people don’t want to be poor we should get a job.
Science-based physicians say that isn’t possible.
If the state offers me the choice to die but not the means to live, who is really making the decision?

I think this is where I am supposed to tell you my disability story – including the part where a healthcare professional sat at my beside and urged and then almost insisted I take her up on the consoling prospect of forever rest after my partner announced he was leaving me because I was too much of a burden and I no longer fit…

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The Use of Daydreaming

My Joyous Feature

There is that perfect time to daydream about just about anything. It’s more than just a peaceful visualization. When you daydream, you imagine something that can be completely amazing. Something you want to do for real. There are other things to daydream about, even though it seems more like fantasy.

Daydreaming can create meaning in visualization. More of an authentic purpose. Making yourself feel like daydreaming can be a way of utilizing it in different ways.

At some point, anyone can daydream whatever they want, even when they do something else. By using it as a way of feeling as you are in your little world. Feel how there is a different way of life when it comes to daydreams. Making it quite a perfect visualization.

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A Lonely Tree

My Joyous Feature

A perfect tree can be found there alone. There’s no other trees around. It’s only green grass and a park far from here.

Letting it be like its lonely out there. Feels like a person standing there all alone.

Outside, day and night, the tree is here, without any other surroundings.

Nice days are just the same for that perfectly lonely tree.

Easy to understand what it feels like to be alone. The tree may experience the same thing at a certain point in time.

Lovely through those seasons, even if no other surroundings around.

Years later, there can be blooming flowers and other trees planted close to this tree.

Through so many times, there may be people walking and playing around the tree.

Realize the tree won’t be alone anymore.

Embrace these new environments more than ever before.


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Read Bedtime Tales

My Joyous Feature

Reading stories before bedtime can be a relaxing experience. Think of those stories with a touch of fantasy.

Embracing them with that gentle, soothing feeling. Knowing that the mind can be calm at night.

A story may be good when someone reads to a child before going to bed. Make it easier to know that a child may like the stories read while getting ready to go to bed.

Different stories can have an interesting effect.

Bedtime stories may bring some memories to a grown-up even as a child they remember some of the stories they had heard.

Every story can come from this authentic heart, even if it’s fiction.

Different stories can have perfectly good scenes. Making it feel like someone who reads of listens, wants to be the part of any story.

Take the time and patience to understand every story…

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