Life Is A Beautiful Gift

My Joyous Feature

Life can provide something unique in an entirely different way. Provide something like a gift. That gift can be for that very unique self. Like when life can be a beautiful gift it can bring a perfect little bond into so many things.

Everything in life may be a gift for pretty much everything. Through it all a gift of life can always be so meaningful. Moreover, it can be considered as a way to let life be as wonderful in many respects.

A gift of life can be cherished throughout those precious moments. It can also carry that sense of beauty into pure confidence. Let this one-of-a-kind self embrace something that may be completely different.

At that moment life can be something more interesting for a gift. Like a gift can carry anything beyond that heart of joy. Something can understand that a gift can be just a gift…

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A Thousand Words

My Joyous Feature

A thousand words can be used in every direction. It’s like being used differently.

Thousands of words can come together as though there were so many personalities. Make it easier to understand in a very different way.

Having the knowledge to express these words in a thousand of ways.

Only something that can make words form in different directions when it comes to phrases, paragraphs and even writing an entire page.

Use words for expression with a different point of view.

Say a thousand words through a book. It may also appear in magazines, newspapers, etc.

A thousand words can be made as a puzzle gathering so many parts.

Notice that there is something to think about over a thousand words like one’s own sentence.

Different words can be made as though they could be made into thousands of words.

Words in…

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Autistics Have Always Been Here, and We’re Not Going Away: Part 1

As an autistic Catholic, I find pastors like Fr Dominic only serve to push people away. The truth is, his views are not consistent with the modern Catholic Church. There are plenty of Catholics, including priests like Father Mark Nolette, who are autistic self advocates who see autism as just a unique way that God created them. There is also the Catholic self advocate Aimee O’Connell, who created to promote Saint Thorlak, the Patron Saint of Iceland, who was believed to be autistic. He is the unofficial Patron Saint of Autism.

Autistic Rights and Freedoms

A peoples’ history empowers them. When you have history, you have identity. When you have identity, you know that you are a valid presence in this world. You know that you are not deviant, or disturbed, or diseased; you are a person. When you hear the stories of people like you surviving against odds, you believe in your own survival against the odds that you face. When you hear stories of people like you existing long ago, you believe that people like you will still be born far into the future. Invalidating a history means invalidating a people; both their past and their future. As autistics are a people who have been continuously invalidated, our history has been neglected and in many cases destroyed. We do not know where or when the first autistic person was born, because history was written about Great Men; kings, conquerors, philosophers, bishops, scientists, and…

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116 Million Flapping Butterflies

Autistic Rights and Freedoms

In January I began my Master of Social Work degree program. I am hoping that working hard as a scholar, earning honours in my courses, getting selected for a PhD program, and earning a doctorate in social work focusing on professional practice with fellow autistic people will get my ideas about the future of autism services into public policy. Namely, I want the future of autism services to promote our housing, alleviate autistic poverty, stop the autistic suicide rate and get us the mental health supports we need for autistic depression and anxiety. I want autism services to stop researching a “cure” to exterminate what makes us the beautiful people that we are, and instead research ways to make an autistic life more fulfilling and joyful.

My thinking is that as a plebeian without credentials, people in positions of power can choose not to listen to me at any time…

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Creativity Is Everywhere

My Joyous Feature

Creativity can be seen in all kinds of places. At the moment, creativity can be just about everything. Things in life may be used to create creativity. Bringing that amazing reaction against so much. Allow creativity to be more like an artwork.

At some point, creativity can be seen with pure eyes. Making it more like creativity can be like exploring different things. In a way, creativity can be connected to just about everything that anyone can think about. Use it with something that can bring creativity to life.

Creativity is everywhere.

Realize that creativity can be different from one another.

Everywhere creativity can be found in various places.

Also creativity doesn’t have to be about art.

Taking creativity to a whole different level.

Incredibly, there’s a lot about creativity.

Visualize anything with creativity.

In a very creative way you can use…

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I Abused Children And SO DO YOU: A Response To An ABA Apologist

I Abused Children And SO DO YOU: A Response To An ABA Apologist

Diary Of A Birdmad girl

This was written in response to this article which was written in response to my first article:

You can read my first article here:

*CW: ABA/Autistic Conversion Therapy, abuse, torture (including graphic images and video of), mention of “awareness,” “recovery,” Autism Speaks, filicide, and links to all of this and other material that many people may find triggering. Please proceed with caution…

*CN: This is a very long read so settle in for a while (or save for later)…

Dear Condescending ‘Autism Mom,’

I’m assuming that’s what you call yourself since your views seem to be right in line with those who prefer that title. I also think it’s fair to make assumptions since you’ve made plenty about me.

Still, I wanted to sincerely thank you for writing your article, “True ABA Therapy Is Not Abuse: A Response.” You see, despite the fact that my article contained language…

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Breaking Down ABA, Again: Part 2: Goals and Underlying Philosophy

Restless Hands

[This post continues a series started here]


One major way in which schools of ABA can differ is in their primary goal, their understanding of how ABA methods should be used.


1) Traditional Approach: Fighting Against Autism

Traditional ABA practitioners believe that it is inherently good for autistic children to appear, act, and communicate as “normally” (neurotypically) as possible. The gold standard here is the phrase “indistinguishable from one’s peers,” the idea that no one even has to know that this person is autistic. Many people even misunderstand this to mean that the person who attains indistinguishability has been “cured” of being autistic. That claim makes about as much sense as the notion that a person who wears a realistic wig has been cured of being bald. Sure, they may get fewer stares, but nothing about them has actually changed. And that wig might be uncomfortable…

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Life Feels Like A Very Own Story

My Joyous Feature

Is there a moment when you feel like you’re living through your own story. Your own life story can be filled with so many things. Making it feel more like it can more evolving than ever. Putting yourself into so much.

Your own life story can make a resemble to your favorites movies, shows and books. Balancing a lot of emotions. All the ups and downs. There is also a point at which everything is in between.

There can be a journey to a different point of view. Making it feel that every character in your own life story has that unique personality. Besides that, there’s every scene and chapters if your story feels like it can made into a book.

A perfectly life story has a beginning, middle, and ending. Putting it into that total blend. At some point when you feel like you’re in your very own life…

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Live An Inspired Life

My Joyous Feature

Live an inspiring life.

It may be as a beautiful thing to process.

Visualize a moment that may be inspirational.

Encourage yourselves to take control.

Any part of life can be very inspiring.

Notice that things can be very unique in a very different way.

Inspiration can come from so many things.

Nothing in that inspiring life can be like any other thing.

See this moment as a way of being free for life.

Peace and joy can be a part of the inspiring life.

Incredibly life can bring out so many things that can lead to something very inspiring.

Realizing that life can be more meaningful throughout almost everything.

Everything as an inspiring life can feel like a very peaceful moment.

Defining that moment like adding something else in.

Life can live above all…

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Life May Bring So Much

My Joyous Feature

Life will bring some experience against so many things. It may be like taking advantage of things. It’s the same as following your heart. Allow your real self to be like a strong feeling of positivity. Your mind can be like a creative piece. Forming it like following your path to just about everything.

Something in life can give you happiness. Leading it up into a much better state of life. Creating something that can allow you to be like happiness and everything else can open you up in the external world. Let yourself shine in a much brighter life. Prepare yourself to enable you to create your happy ending as you may be in your own story.

In all of this, there is this vision. This vision can give you the opportunity to see what you can accomplish for. It sounds more like goals and dreams. Having the ability…

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