Autistics Have Always Been Here, and We’re Not Going Away: Part 1

As an autistic Catholic, I find pastors like Fr Dominic only serve to push people away. The truth is, his views are not consistent with the modern Catholic Church. There are plenty of Catholics, including priests like Father Mark Nolette, who are autistic self advocates who see autism as just a unique way that God created them. There is also the Catholic self advocate Aimee O’Connell, who created to promote Saint Thorlak, the Patron Saint of Iceland, who was believed to be autistic. He is the unofficial Patron Saint of Autism.

Autistic Rights and Freedoms

A peoples’ history empowers them. When you have history, you have identity. When you have identity, you know that you are a valid presence in this world. You know that you are not deviant, or disturbed, or diseased; you are a person. When you hear the stories of people like you surviving against odds, you believe in your own survival against the odds that you face. When you hear stories of people like you existing long ago, you believe that people like you will still be born far into the future. Invalidating a history means invalidating a people; both their past and their future. As autistics are a people who have been continuously invalidated, our history has been neglected and in many cases destroyed. We do not know where or when the first autistic person was born, because history was written about Great Men; kings, conquerors, philosophers, bishops, scientists, and…

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