Adding Some Creations

My Joyous Feature

Everything around can be filled with so many creations. Let the imaginations go. Anything can bring creations like there is something that can lead to this magic sensation.

A real creation will cherish a dream. This dream can provide a certain visualization in the creation of something that can be very unique. Maybe it’s like learning more skills. Beyond that, you must think before you can really do anything like put some creations.

Beauty can have such a meaning of creations. It’s more of an artwork. Mixing with a creative style. Something can define beauty in an actual creation. Putting it in a very unique reaction. Kind of like every other thing.

Ideas can come through. Letting these creation form in so many ways. Add so many things through this creative source. Feels like your mind can flow into lots of things especially ideas.

Anything can bring some creations into…

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Beauty and Art

My Joyous Feature

Beauty and art can feel as it can be transformed into a perfect combination.

Everything about beauty and art can be so fascinating in a very special way.

Artistic enough for style, colors and a whole bunch of other things.

Using so many tools that can be made up of so many colors can make it quite perfect.

Taking creativity to a whole different level.

You can really see beauty and art together as one total match for the other.

An opportunity to let the beauty and art be, more than anything.

Nothing compares beauty and art as it may be made a part.

Different things can make beauty and art as a moment to visualize something about them.

Anything can bring them together in one creative piece.

Realize that it may in fact be the same, but completely…

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10 Rhetorics of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

10 Rhetorics of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

ABA Controversy Autism Discussion

ABA Rhetoric #1: ABA interventions are the most evidence-based effective autism intervention

Actually evidence for ABA programmes is overwhelmingly poor and considered low/ very low and this was confirmed once again by a May 2018 Cochrane review . A good resource that is updated periodically and includes research that is independent and by national organisations against ABA, such as the Cochrane review, is this article.

You can also follow #ABAResearch on Twitter for up to date and triggering ABA research, where punishments, aversives and stopping of harmful stims is widespread in the field today.

Also, at the time of writing this, Ambitious about Autism, who run two ABA schools and an ABA college around London states on its website that “there is very little research about how ABA is applied in ABA schools” and they don’t know why or when ABA will help or harm.

This poor quality evidence…

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Overcome The Things in Life

My Joyous Feature

In our true passionate life, there are many things that we must overcome. Give the impression that there are many challenges ahead. Let us understand the purpose of overcoming the things in daily life.

Through all this, overcoming things can be like we can learn the facts of everything we can do. Let us prepare ourselves to face the most difficult things or something that may enable us to create those authentic things. Which makes it possible for us to accept it in a very different manner.

We don’t need to think too hard, especially to get through these tough times. Telling ourselves that we have to take the time to do things. Making it a lot easier afterwards. It’s like being able to calm our bodies and minds. Also, it’s more like taking a pause for so many things, especially the most difficult things we have to deal with.

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Early Morning Light

My Joyous Feature

Each morning can have that feeling of an early morning light.

A perfect sunrise may sparkle through.

Realizing when daylight arrives means something like starting a day.

Let the light shine across the window.

You just wake up in the morning.

Morning can be a peaceful moment.

Outside the sun starting to rise up.

Rise and shine for that perfect day.

Needs something to start the day off right.

In the morning, there’s some routines to help out.

Nothing gets a good start to the morning.

Getting ready to do things during the day.

Let the morning light awaken you.

Incredibly, there may be different things to do this morning.

Getting into a good mood.

Hoping that the day can be better.

The morning light can brighten up the day.

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The Old Piano Keys

My Joyous Feature

There is a time when the old piano keys were used. It’s like there’s a lot of history behind it.

History can still be made when these old piano keys are still in use during these years.

Each piece of music may be played on a single piano.

Old piano keys can be like a genuine antique.

Letting the music play with these old piano keys.

Different stories of these old piano keys may treasure a few good old memories.

Playing with those old piano keys all over the place.

Incredibly, these old piano keys are still perfectly amazing.

Also, it still can be attached to that lovely piano.

Notice that the piano is still very lovely.

Only those old objects like those piano keys can look like a legacy to anyone.

Keep it in perfect condition at…

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Learning to Know the Outside World

My Joyous Feature

There are so many things we can learn about the outer world. It feels like there’s nothing you can learn the same way. We can learn so much from the world ourselves. This can be done in our own way.

We can do what we can learn about the outer world, is make it more like we can do what we love or do in our spare time. At a given time, films and documentaries can be a way to explore something. Also online videos may sound good as well.

Listening to music can be just an imaginary feeling to let the outside world be a way to take that feeling to it. Make us feel good about the way we can listen to music in our own unique way. Any kind of music can be good for our bodies and minds.

Besides listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts can…

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Autism: Creating Routines

Voice in the Wind

M.G. McIntosh




  • Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc.


Are you learning to care for someone with Autism? Maybe you have Autism and are struggling to adapt to an ever-changing world around you? Maybe you’re wondering why some people with Autism have more trouble with changing routines than others? Well, maybe I can help. When forming routines the number one question to ask is this: If I can’t change could my routines do the changing for me? The answer is yes. You can build routines that are designed for change and designed to adapt. If you build your routines correctly, it’s like adding shock absorbers to a car: the routine takes the bumps for you and you get cushioned. That means fewer panic attacks.


So how do you do this? Simply put – design your routine in the bigger picture. Your routine should be based on…

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