A Pen Can Still Be Mightier

My Joyous Feature

“The pen is mightier”.

As always it does. There’s something about a pen that can be good for everything, especially on paper. A pen can be a tool for simply placing things on paper. Letting the mind flow with a pen to be placed on paper.

With all that, there can be that great possibility of using a pen. Allow it to be an expression while writing words. Add some doodles to the side of the paper. Jotting some notes and reminders for the day ahead. Other things may be added, too.

A pen can do a lot of things. Like being used completely differently. Even using a different color pen can add some creativity and other things.

Let the pen be like a tool that can be used anywhere. Much like making a pen release your thinking by writing, doodling and other things. Also putting it into a different…

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