Autism: Creating Routines

Voice in the Wind

M.G. McIntosh




  • Voice in the Wind Magazine Inc.


Are you learning to care for someone with Autism? Maybe you have Autism and are struggling to adapt to an ever-changing world around you? Maybe you’re wondering why some people with Autism have more trouble with changing routines than others? Well, maybe I can help. When forming routines the number one question to ask is this: If I can’t change could my routines do the changing for me? The answer is yes. You can build routines that are designed for change and designed to adapt. If you build your routines correctly, it’s like adding shock absorbers to a car: the routine takes the bumps for you and you get cushioned. That means fewer panic attacks.


So how do you do this? Simply put – design your routine in the bigger picture. Your routine should be based on…

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