I’ll Choose the Pen

My Joyous Feature

I’ll choose the pen to write things down. Mostly it’s permanent, so it won’t be erased. Sometimes when a mistake comes I’ll either rewrite on a different sheet of paper, cross it off, or use a whiteout.

I’ll choose the pen for journaling. It’s good enough to write things down even when there are a lot of errors. It doesn’t matter if there’s a misspelling or a grammatical error. All I do is just write it down with a pen. Perfect enough to release my thoughts into one page.

I’ll choose the pen because it can actually resemble style. Writing things out in different colors. Using my favorite brand name pens like Paper-mate or BIC. Sometimes crayons (but the ones that look new) or markers (depends on what type of paper).

I’ll choose the pen for everything else. Using them for reminders. Putting things down in my planner. Write some…

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