Stay #TorontoStrong

As the trial goes on, I would like to remind people that most autistic people are peaceful, empathic, loving persons. Please stay #AutisticTorontoStrong and post as much positive stuff about autism as you can, to counteract the antiquated myths that are being mentioned in the media surrounding the Van attack trial.

Art by Nicole Corrado


My heart and prayers go out to the victims of today’s Toronto van attack; the 10 people who are deceased, the 13 who have visible injuries, their families, and anyone who has invisible wounds, including witnesses, abuse survivors, and the autism community.

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If We Envision

My Joyous Feature

If we just envision all these surroundings in a very unique way.

Finding that pure meaning beyond so many things.

We can visualize the world as something more kindly.

Embrace everything that we can think of.

Encourage ourselves to take that moment to envision our daily life.

Nurturing out minds into something that can resemble anything.

Visualize our future in advance.

In our genuine selves, we can understand something in particular.

Seeing things in that mindful manner.

Incredibly life can envision these honest thoughts.

Open into something more than just that mindful journey.

Notice that there’s nothing to stop us from envisioning in so many ways.

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Seeing That Colorful Place

My Joyous Feature

In a colorful world, there’s a place that can sparkle up. Filling the room with lovely colors. Feels more than just a creative moment. Looking at it as true beauty. Imagine it with some aesthetic features. Lit the place up like a sense of joy. Viewing it on a brighter side.

The place has its fulfilling moment with that artistic twist coming in. Making it more like being seen from a photograph. A photograph can put that bit of sparkle through some colors as well as black and white. Like capturing that very unique soul.

Beyond that colorful expression a place can bring out its warmth feeling. Making it more like letting these emotions out. Nurturing that mind into that feeling through something that’s soothing. Soothing enough to make a place feel like home.

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A Memoir Written

My Joyous Feature

A memoir can be written in so many ways.

Making it feel like there’s some memories inside.

Embrace a real life story.

Moments shall fill through the good and tough times.

One day somebody can write their own memoir.

It can be about someone else.

Realize that writing a memoir can take some time and knowledge to finish it.

Written with some honest thoughts.

Reading the memoir can be quite interesting.

Incredibly a memoir may be reasonably good.

Taking it from a reader’s point of view.

Telling it like any other stories.

Encourage that writer to be more open in so many ways, especially when it comes to writing a memoir.

Notice that a memoir can lead up to something more unbelievable.

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She Lives in a Beautiful World

My Joyous Feature

She lives in a world that can discover the meaning of beauty.

Having the moment to enjoy so many places.

Encourage herself to go out into the world and explore some more.

Letting herself feel more like a free human being.

Independence shall conquer so much to her.

Visualize something amazing.

Embrace these surroundings.

Seeing incredible things.

In her mind, she lets the world come to her.

Nurturing herself for a perfect day.

A moment to have the time for herself.

Believing the world as something that can be peaceful.

Everything she can find is in so many areas.

A world can be like a scavenger hunt.

Use the moment to discover lots of things.

Things that can be very interesting to her.

Incredibly, she can write a story about her life.

Fulfilling her…

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I Like to Write

My Joyous Feature

I like to write because it can let everything in my mind flow. My own version of “letting your mind or thoughts flow into writing” is that I just write without the need to correct something but if I finished writing something down.

Writing can just let my mind free and empty in a very different way. Like my mind has been cluttered with so many thoughts and other things that’s stuck inside me. Through it all that cluttered mind is ready to be empty out with writing. Letting everything out onto paper or inside any notes app on my iPhone or iPad.

Sometimes writing can’t just be letting that cluttered mind being empty out. Writing can be from the heart and everything around. Like putting together that very own story.

I discover so many ways to write, especially journaling. Journaling is the number one reason why I like to…

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Gently you, with Nature


From the dustiestof deserts
to the lush trees hanging heavy with Spanish moss
there is a feeling of reverence

The roar of the waves as they hit the cliffs and break
or the gentle lapping of the lake against the shore
the sun reflecting diamonds and colors against the water
bring tears of reverence

From red rock formations with the vortex of healing energy
to the tallest peak of the snow topped range.
Solid, ancient, awe-struck, reverence

Be gentle with yourself

Listen to the silence, the wind, the water
Stop talking, stop judging, just listen

Accept the beauty that surrounds you; envelops you
Become one, breathe deep, connect

The beauty is not asking anything from you
it doesn’t care how much you weigh, what your income is
or how many earthly possessions you own
It is simply nature

Be gentle with yourself in the silent reverence of nature

image by…

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A Creation of Art

My Joyous Feature

Art makes for that true creation through so many things.

Creativity can bring that art piece to its unique design.

Realize that art can feel like a genuine personality.

Embrace the joys through art.

Art can be like there’s some stories that can get through.

The wonders of art can resemble something in that very strong reaction.

Incredibly, there’s a lot to say about creating some art.

One day an artwork can be displayed.

Notice that a display art piece is shown by so many people.

Out there, there’s so many different creations of art.

Figuring it out who actually created these artworks.

Art can bring a difference beyond anything in particular.

Reading about art can be a good way to discover more about it.

Taking some artistic creations to the next level.

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We Can Listen

My Joyous Feature

We can listen to the world around.

Embracing that true meaning beyond that stage of life.

Cherish some moments in that very mindful way.

Allowing ourselves to listen to that inner teacher.

Needing something more like there’s something meaningful to care about.

Listen to that outer soul.

In that pure heart and mind, we can listen to so many things in life.

Something can listen to these pure wisdoms.

Taking that moment to listen freely.

Empowering the things in so many ways.

Notice there’s different ways to listen like it’s something more than ever.

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A Purpose of Life

My Joyous Feature

In that very moment, there’s that purpose throughout so many subjects. It’s like finding that courage beyond that daily life. Letting that purpose of life shine like nothing is going to happen. Finding them through these directions. Making it more meaningful in a very different direction.

Through that moment a purpose of life can balance that meaningful feeling of happiness. Sensing that pure joy out of anything with that shine feeling. Bringing it through a trustworthy life through that mindful purpose.

Life reflects its purpose all around. Learning to understand something in that powerful way. Utilize the mind to cherish things through. Thinking about these ideas and other things that can be for that purpose of life. Experiences like the mind is saying something about it all.

Something in that common moment can allow its true spirit shine through. Making that purpose in so many things. Living through it like…

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