Welcome to My Art Website!

You can check out samples of my work in the artwork showcase.  You can also read more about why I started doing art on my about page.

Most of my works feature animals in some way, and range from hyper-realistic nature and pet pieces, to illustrations that tell a story.  No matter what, I try to capture the expressions of the subjects in my pieces, and hope this will shine through in the thumbnails presented here.  Please note the works are watermarked for copyright purposes.

I work in many different mediums, although you’ll notice that many of my works are done in coloured pencils, with fine details.  Some of my art is available for purchase as cards, which is noted below those select pieces.  To find out how to get in touch and for contract inquires, please visit my contact page.

Enjoy reading through the site, and come back soon!  My posts & updates page will have short articles shared from various Christian and autism websites, and I will periodically write my own articles.

– Nicole Corrado

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