The Being of You

My Joyous Feature

There may be a time to let yourself be you regardless of what you do.

Having the knowledge of remaining strong in that authentic self.

Embrace yourself with confidence.

Being you may be the best thing.

Encourage yourself to live beyond this passionately motivated life.

Incredibly you can count on that loving self.

Nothing can stand in the way of you being yourself.

Getting into a much better mood about yourself.

Open the eyes with a bit of peace and joy.

Feeling the need to understand something about that genuine self.

You have the knowledge to stay strong as always.

Open your heart to something that will do you good.

Use this time to allow yourself to be who you really are.

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Using a Composition Notebook

My Joyous Feature

She may be captivated by a composition book. It is suitable for writing without distractions. In her delicate mind, she’s free to write whatever she wants. Give her the feeling that she may have that free mind. Letting that composition notebook understands her in a very unique way.

Any notebook for her can be used in any way. Making it good enough to put that creative form in. One of her favorite notebooks to use is a composition notebook. There’s something about a composition notebook that make her want to use it a lot. She actually sees it in one of her favorite books that is all about using a notebook.

She writes quite differently. Putting something down like there can be some personality going through.

As always, writing for her can be most of all. A composition notebook for her gives her that full feeling. Make her realize that…

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Paper Flowers

My Joyous Feature

Paper flowers has that artistic feel.

A creative style can blend into something unique.

Paper flowers may stand out as true flowers.

Entering a room and someone might not notice if its real or paper flowers.

Realize that a paper flower may surprise someone when they see it.

Flowers whether it’s real, artificial, or made out of paper, it can stand out the same way.

Love these paper flowers as if they are real.

One paper flower may be different than the other.

Windowsills can be filled with them.

Enjoy that creative piece like real or artificial flowers.

Realize that paper flowers can be very creative to make.

Seeing them perfectly.

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The First Sri Lanka v England Test Match in Retrospect

The First Sri Lanka v England Test Match in Retrospect


This post looks back at the test match just concluded in Galle. Another such game reaches its denouement in Brisbane tonight, and if weather permits it should be a cracking finish.


Both teams arrived for this match not so much ‘underdone’ as ‘completely raw’, due to scheduling issues. Sri Lanka slumped to 135 on the first day, with Bess emerging with five wickets for a rather patchy bowling performance. Both England openers then fell cheaply, Sri Lanka’s decision to give the new ball to Embuldeniya with his left arm spin paying off in spades, but Root and Bairstow took England to the close, within sight of a first innings lead. Bairstow was out first thing on day 2, but Dan Lawrence on debut batted like a veteran, making 73, and providing Root with superb support. By the close England were 320-4 and seemingly…

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The Moment of Hope

My Joyous Feature

The moment of hope can cherish a significant thing.

Hope will experience something incredible.

Embracing something like its very powerful.

Moments shall be filled with a loving hope.

Open yourself up to the wonders of thankfulness.

Memories is filled with hope.

Encourage this authentic self to allow hope to be a form of expression.

Nourish something in a very peaceful way.

The moment of hope has its work cut out for it.

One moment get something with a mindful response.

Find something that can be really meaningful.

Hope may be more than something else.

Open to many things like a much different meaning.

Putting hope to one another.

Embracing it over and over again.

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Read to a Child

My Joyous Feature

Read an amazing book to a child.

Embrace the wondrous stories with so much inside.

A child may enjoy the wonderful things about reading a book later.

Different stories can be a bit imaginative.

Taking a moment to let a child know about reading books.

Open a book to read and listen to stories that may be very interesting.

A child can even read a book out loud.

Certain things can make a children’s book as wonderful as ever.

Having the knowledge to let a child understand the book that has been read.

Incredibly reading to a child can be a step for them to learn how to read and listen.

Letting a child read can be good for so many things.

Doing the honor of making sure that a child can enjoy it.

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Be Open To That True Self

My Joyous Feature

At this very common moment, life may open up with a little encouragement. Having the power to keep it in control more than ever. Anything can live beyond so much. Feels like everything in life can be more open-minded in a very pleasant way.

At some point, there’s a moment to be more open about. Taking it in a very honest way. Encourage you to have complete control over everything you may imagine. Let it be about the truth. Knowing that you can feel as if you’re letting everything out.

Being open to so much is like being free from something. Anything more negative in your life. You may think about this as extending these wings upwards. Perhaps you can feel yourself as a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

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Write a Book

My Joyous Feature

Write a book with that sense of authenticity.

Reading some books can help a lot.

Incredibly writing a book can be time-consuming and inspiring to complete.

Take a moment to understand what it’s like to write a book.

Encourage that authentic self to write with the feeling of kindness.

A book can provide readers with an interesting feeling.

Books may feel like a sense of treasure.

One day your book can be like any other books.

Ordinary things can happen in a book.

Keeping it like a positive reaction.

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Creating the Art of You

My Joyous Feature

Create that art out of that pure self.

Realize that art doesn’t have to be about paint, paper, clay, or sketches.

Embracing art as a mindful movement.

Art can be more than just a visualization.

Taking it from a different perspective.

In that delicate mind you can think about art as something else.

Notice that art can be everywhere.

Gorgeous things can be added as well.

Things can go to another level.

Hoping that things shall cherish that artistic lifestyle.

Encourage the conscious self to utilize art as a meditative form.

Art can be like there’s so many personalities everywhere.

Reading poems may resemble art for the mind.

Thinking about things can be a meaning of art like a treasure hunt or anything else.

Open your eyes to things which may have something to do…

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