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A whole post to make a correction? Yes – this error is important enough to warrant such treatment as far as I am concerned.


In the first published version of the postI put up earlier today I misattributed the exhibits that included living creatures from the Gaywood River to the Gaywood ValleyConservation Group. It was in fact put on by the Norfolk Rivers Trust, and I have just corrected the original (I realised my error while on the bus to Norwich and have been waiting for access to a computer to correct it).
two sticklebacks

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The Gaywood River

The Gaywood River



I have had a very busy few days, which is why there have been no new posts here since Saturday. I will mention my activities since Monday in later posts, but this post is solely concerned with the activity that dominated (in a good way) my Sunday. At the end of this post I will be including a variety of links related in various ways to its content. Here is a map showing the course of the Gaywood River:


I got an email from my aunt a few days before the event was due to happen explaining her role in it and asking if I wished to meet her there and go back to hers for sausage and chips or if I would prefer a saturday supper. I decided that the event could be quite interesting, so I opted for the former course of…

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Hope of Life

My Joyous Feature

Hope gives the joy through a true matter of spirit.

Open to the world of spirit.

Peace through a truthful meaning.

Encourage to shine through the surroundings of love.

Out into a different cosmos.

Full of strength and courage.

Love takes matters through true colors.

Into a bright soul that can let you, feel free.

Free yourself from yourself.

Exit away through hope.

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Why are you not impressed, shouting human?

Hello, I am a bear

I am very impressed by humans. They live in very strange, cold caves that stick out of the forest floor. Some of them have tiny lakes dedicated to their strange caves. They wear removable fur on top of their regular fur. They have small but, I am guessing, powerful teeth. They create wonderful smells.

Humans are such impressive, strange creatures.

One of the things that most impresses me about humans is how they walk on just two paws instead of four. I need all four of my paws for my balance and composure. If even one paw is removed from its stability, I run the chance of clashing with the ground in a most violent manner.Humans do not have this problem. Humans get to keep two paws up in the air at all times. Sometimes they even use those paws to carry things. If I want to carry something, I…

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Life through that uniqueness in a soothing moment

My Joyous Feature

[I listen to a playlist on YouTube that has all of these lovely videos created by Andreea Petcu (oceanflower1) and I listen to most of them and write down things as an inspiration. (Link at the bottom)]

A uniqueness of that perfect bonding can join together in that soothing way. Feeling the need to take in that thoughtful truth coming around. Loving in a careful manner. Believing in that strength beyond these true, meaningful in life. Looking ahead upon that fantasy life. Wishing for that better start of life. Cherishing into a bittersweet moment.

A instant that can represent that balance of love. Love will bring that peaceful state of mind into that soothing level of calmness. Calmness will take over the mind moving into that peaceful state. Feeling so relaxed and feeling more relieved about it.

That soothing feature shall take the mind into that relaxation level. Experiencing the…

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A Shadow……

My Joyous Feature

A shadow can be discovered through a deep reflection.

A shadow is everywhere.

A shadow can look really unique.

A shadow can look the same or different.

A shadow can take a figure of life into it’s different.

A shadow can be seen thought a brilliant light.

A shadow can make your life more potent than ever.

A shadow can look at you through a body image. It can’t be seen eye to eye.

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Soul of Passion

My Joyous Feature

Soul of passion feels like a spirit rising to a higher place.

Out into an open world of life.

Up to its bright life.

Love brings soul in peace.

Open in a better moment of aliveness.

Facing a passion of life.

Passion can give a joy of spirit.

At the brightest moments a passion gives pure love.

Soul gives that passion of spirit to that peace of love.

Saying it from the spirits of light.

In the heart and mind of that true passion.

Outinto the opening world a soul has its passion.

Noticing a path all the way to the closing of the road.

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