Give Toronto Dogs a voice!

Update: This issue was approved by the LSC, and will be voted on by Toronto City Council on July 23rd, 2018. Feel free to contact a Toronto City Councillor on this issue.

Art by Nicole Corrado

image.jpegToronto’s Dangerous Dog Review Tribunal is up for an overhaul.  Currently, the tribunal has no dog experts on board.  You can give Toronto dogs a voice by following this link.

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Comfortably Uncomfortable


I am comfortably uncomfortable in this waiting place of whats next.

Feeling the winds of change continue to whisper softly that it will be okay.

Trusting that in the past when I’ve listened to my inner restlessness, I’ve been able to author my own personal growth adventure, instead of stagnantly waiting for someone to tell me that this is whats next for you.

Pressing the pause button so I could slow down, evaluate whats been working for me and what I’ve been doing that no longer fills my cup. Setting myself up to listen to the whispering winds of change. Uncomfortable as that is.

Hearing the words of a lifelong friend telling me the truth, widening the picture for me with the force of dynamite because I had developed a bad case of tunnel vision. Those wise words, love the one your with, seared into my head and heart.

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A Perfect Sapphire

My Joyous Feature

A dab of blue makes a sapphire shine. Seeing that precious blue jewel, rise into a different version of a diamond. Making it into a more bittersweet level. Feeling like a perfect little kiss on the hand. A sapphire can be shown through some precious jewelry. Seeing it shine at the brightest.

There’s that smile of light that can take over that sapphire throne. Seemingly life, there’s that true beauty sparkled all around. Finding it lovely like a perfect summer night. Nothing can totally overcome that feature for sapphire. Earning it a better looking statement.

Looking at a book you see a sapphire. It can look a lot like a polishing art or something else. Feeling like it can be good for someone to discover it. Feeling like there’s some snow an blue ink blended in together. It can be that perfect painting or art inside a book.

Something that…

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L.E.T. G.O. of Toxic Relationships *NEW POST*

L.E.T. G.O. of Toxic Relationships *NEW POST*


By Dr. Perry, PhD

“Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters.” ~John Mark Green

I would like to share with you an acronym that I created for my patients who are dealing with the effects of a toxic relationship. This acronym is a reminder to not form an attachment to an unhealthy bond by giving it your time and energy. The relationship can be a romantic one, a friendship or familial one. Through the process of therapy, my patients learn to identify these toxic relationships. They learn coping mechanisms and defense strategies. This acronym serves as a reminder for them to focus on their well being. Every moment we have the opportunity to change the direction of our lives. By reminding ourselves to L.e.t G.o of toxic relationships we give ourselves the strength to sever…

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How Scenes from “The Lion King” Reflects to Real Life?

My Joyous Feature


I watched the movie “The Lion King” numerous of times. It’s a great movie that can bring some good old memories from your childhood. While watching “The Lion King” as an adult now I can find out so many scenes that can reflect on real life. Perhaps every scene from the movie can reflect on these real life moments. It also includes the music from the soundtrack. Here are the scenes that’s reflected in real life.

The Beginning/The Circle of Life:

In the beginning of the movie, there’s a celebration of the arrival of the king’s son. Every animal gathered around to see the young cub. There’s a song in the opening called “The Circle of Life”. To me it reflects to real life on a journey. A journey to a life that will be filled with so many things to do. Finding that circle within that…

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Making friends with shadows [autistic poetry]

Making friends with shadows [autistic poetry]

the silent wave

Perhaps part of my cocooning that I had mentioned in my last post has to do with exploring darkness.  Maybe it has to do with utilizing some of the pent-up creative energy that my brain can’t seem to streamline into something more outwardly productive.  I have felt unfocused, perpetually drained.  Although this sounds bad, I’m not sure it is; there’s a time for everything, of course, and resting is no exception.  But I’m ready to feel like wanting it to come to an end.  🙂

My creative tree sprouted one fruiting body that seems to reflect the pervasive theme mentioned above.  It does indeed take us to dark places, where strength and weakness, light and dark, courage and fear, temptation and righteousness (whatever they are), of resilience and vulnerability, of defeat and transcendence, all duke it out on in sections of big battlefields, often overlapping.  And although I speak in…

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Iris: Welcoming a Wetland Worker

Iris: Welcoming a Wetland Worker

My Altona Forest

Hot, sunburned, covered in mosquito bites, smeared in mud … that’s me.

This is not my idea of fun. Ever. I actually hate mud, bugs, and humidity – ask anyone who knows me. I get sun rashes and can’t stand worms. I am more neutral about the slugs and snails now sitting on my rubber booties. I don’t like going off-trail or stepping ankle deep into squelching mud.

Today was the last day of my planting. Late in the season and thus even more challenging. It’s June 4th and I’m putting the last 36 iris plugs into their homes in the north-west corner of Altona Forest.

So why did I do this? Spend hours over the past few days in mud? Because the end justifies the means. I’ve met red (biting) ants, all sorts of bugs, poison ivy, and piles of deadfall. Today and these areas are the worst.


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