A Story Brings Everything Around

My Joyous Feature

A story will convey that joy into a person’s life. For a story that shall open up into a unique figure. Requiring so many things and put it altogether.

Everyone has a different story. A story will bring that humanity altogether. Making it a lot more common than ever. In general every person will create their own story in any way. It’s like there’s no “yes or no” answer.

To those who tell their own stories can make the best stories come out in a more beneficial way. Their own story will let their personality shines.

There’s that metaphor inside a story. Bringing out that more delicate side of life. A metaphor in a story will discover its way in a human species.

A story will take an opposite side of reality into that pure distance. Discovering the facts about it. Reality could take part in a story.

There’s that…

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The Cross – The Greatest Love Story – Part Two

The Cross – The Greatest Love Story – Part Two

Shepherding All God's Creatures

In Part One we were discussing that Christ defeats evil and takes away our sin (separation from him) on the cross – it has been removed as far as the east is from the west!  The world is still broken because of sin.  It does not reflect the eternal state of peace that it will one day when Jesus returns and Yahweh’s final judgement takes place.  In the meantime we are to reflect Jesus’ self-sacrificial love to others, put on display the peace of our Eternal God in as much as is possible through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to remember that we battle not against flesh and blood, but against evil spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12) at work in the world and hearts of people who do evil acts.

Part Two

Another thing religion has misunderstood about the wrath involved in the cross is who was pouring…

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Focusing on the positive things in life

My Joyous Feature

Our minds shall take some serious thinking. Bringing that focused power into a thoughtful statement.

In our precious souls, we shall make our lives more focus. Letting that empowerment shines among us. Placing it into an achievement through ourselves.

These sentiments in our head can rein into a focus mode. It might help us to understand them more. There’s that moment that we had to make a lot more on focusing on so many things for our true selves.

We shall focus on that gratitude for that meaningful of life. Taking that advantage to establish our true colors. It’s like that generations among every personality that’s on the inside and outside.

Everything that we accept to focus on is like putting the puzzle pieces together. We have to ascertain a way to focus on the way to put it all together.

There’s things that we had to deal with. It’s…

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“It’s my ‘me!'” Identity, language and autism


Today I had a particularly unpleasant exchange on Facebook with a  woman who said my use of the term ‘autistics’ was ableist. I responded by saying that many autistic people us the term Autistics to describe our culture, our tribe. Unfortunately it got less pleasant and blocking  wasn involved.… Anyway, the upshot of this is that it is another chapter in the thread of my life involving  difficult interactions with people autism and identity.

Apart from the feeling of being attacked, my issue with the exchange today was the concept of someone who isn’t me telling me how I should identify and how I should described my tribe.

Telling people how they should identify is sadly quite common. To my mind it is on the list of Highly Uncool Things to Say To An Autistic Person. The most common issues is around ‘person first’ versus ‘identity first’ language. Person first…

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An generation for expression

My Joyous Feature

The formulation takes a genuine life into an generation. Looking into that thoughtful moment for an experience. An expression takes a positive role into a personality. Understanding it as that powerful feeling.

Life through expression can open up into that pure moment. It will bring out that joy on the inside and out. An open feeling for that expression is to feel more wonderful about it.

The world can be sated with some self-expression. Thinking about the fulfillment. Leading into that much positive role in life. Like there’s that shadow of delight. It will never allow those precious moments alone.

There’s that true beauty that can put that expression into a whole different meaning. Cherish the essence on that true confidence. Expression can take that true beauty into that level of assurance

A perfect heart will tag along that expression. Bringing that genuine soul into a manifestation. Letting it form…

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