In the Mirror

My Joyous Feature

Looking through the mirror, you see a reflection. This reflection is like the surroundings you see. A mirror can be just a reflection of everything around. It’s not just a reflection, it’s a way to see confidence and other things. Also a way to let you know about how you look.

You can use the mirror to look at yourself in the morning. Making sure that you can start your day off right. At some point its a way to smile in the mirror. Letting yourself believe that there could be a big difference for yourself.

Something in the mirror can resemble so many things. Most of the time you feel like you’re imagining an amazing story that mentioned mirrors. Knowing what’s through the mirror. In your mind, a mirror is just a way to see yourself and the things behind you.

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A Need to Escape

My Joyous Feature

There may be times that we need to escape. Give us a sense that there are so many negative things that we need to get away from. When we must escape, we can calm down. We may feel like that we can need a vacation for a little bit. There are a lot of ways to escape. It doesn’t have to be going on a vacation.

At some point you meditate to calm your mind and let yourself escape from the real world. Sitting or lying down and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths so you can feel as if you could go somewhere else.

Your mind can escape from so many negative things. One of them is writing it all down. Sometimes your mind may feel as if it was cluttered and needed that to get out of there right away. When you write everything down, your…

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Creating Something in Life

My Joyous Feature

Life can create a lot of things. It’s more like there’s that creative mind. Letting so many things in life creates something that can be very unique in so many ways.

When you create something in life, you may find it challenging. Taking its task to build something that can be more just a total reality. Control it the way you do as if it doesn’t matter.

Something can create the wonders of happiness. It seems that there are these true colors that shine. Put this joyful feeling with a moment to create something. Bring it into a peaceful setting.

You can create whatever is relevant to life. Especially creating your future. Creating your future can be a way of adding goals to life. Something in life to create things has its own similarity to playing with colors. Making it more like using these colors to add to things.

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Open Roads

My Joyous Feature

Out on the road, there’s a destination.

Perfect enough to explore all kinds of stuff.

Everything around through the road can feel more like a sightseeing tour.

Notice that there may be interesting things along the way.

Realize that the road may resemble something else.

Out there the road can be just an adventure.

A moment to go to places.

Different things may be seen along the way.

Seeing the open road like anything else.

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A Moment to Just Listen to Something

My Joyous Feature

There’s a moment where I put on headphones, go on my iPod and listen to something. Anything that might be more useful. An opportunity to sit and listen. To me, it’s better than doing absolutely nothing. It’s like I just let my mind flow into what I’m hearing.

When I listen to something, I feel like I’m part of what I listen to, whether it’s a podcast where there are interviews, conversations, and other things. I also have the impression that I am visualizing something by listening to an audio book. At some point I listen to videos on YouTube as if I was listening to an audio book or a podcast. I listen to them while my iPod is off.

I use an iPod to listen to anything, instead of using my iPhone and iPad. It’s kind of easy to use when you do things. No need to worry…

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That Red Dress

My Joyous Feature

This bright red dress is as glamorous as ever.

How come that red dress is so beautiful in that beautiful color.

A beautiful time to wear it.

That bright red dress can be worn at a different event.

Red can sparkle up that dress like any other items that’s actually the same color as that dress.

Evenings can make this bright red dress amazing to shine on.

Different textures can be made within this dress.

Dressing up with some accessories to blend in.

Realize that this pretty red dress can give a little confidence to the person wearing it.

Everything about that dress can be the same as all the other dresses.

Styling the hair and makeup to blend in with this bright red dress.

See the dress as perfect.

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A Promise to be Kept

My Joyous Feature

Life can bring all kinds of promises. Find a way to make the best of that promise. Having a moment to just let it be kept as long as possible.

Something can bring so many promises in such a sense. One of those things is happiness. Happiness can give its promise of this sense of confidence. Find it a bit different from anything else.

It is entirely understandable to remember one promise. As if someone believed in anything. Putting that bit of expression when it comes to keeping promises. Letting themselves feel honest to keep it to themselves.

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Walk Through Life

My Joyous Feature

Walk through these open doors.

A moment to release you in another way.

Life can give you the chance to do something different.

Keeping it more like following a different journey into a better life.

Take that moment to understand life like it’s very meaningful.

Hopefully there may be so many possibilities to overcome.

Realize that that can be some challenges that can carry that part of it.

Open those doors and have a better start in life.

Use this time to feel it’s not too late to do something.

Going in the right direction.

Have a moment where you can make some decisions.

Life has a lot to look at.

Incredibly life can be how there isn’t a right or wrong answer to deal with things.

Find that strength and make things better.

Encourage yourself…

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