Finding Your Heart Song: Charles Pettee and Folk Psalm


charles pettee

As we end Thanksgiving, a season traditionally set to celebrate harvest time, and turn toward Advent, I am excited to share a podcast interviewing  bluegrass, folk, and Americana musician Charles Pettee, about his “Folk Psalms” project.  In Folk Psalms the Biblical psalms are re-cast in the style of bluegrass music and  language of average working people.  These songs are not only delightful to listen to but also rooted in deep theological reflection on the connection between the spiritual life and  both the struggles of ordinary people and especially the land.  In addition to discussing these connection, Charles gives us a listen to some of his favorite FolkPsalms.

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I do not have the confidence of a bird, but I like to sing.

Hello, I am a bear

Self-expression can be difficult. It is always risky to share something with anyone for a variety of reasons. Some things offer no feedback in response (rocks, trees, dirt) while others simply seem unwilling to listen (anxious squirrels, the raccoon I accidentally sat on, essentially all ants). Then there are the creatures who make me feel embarrassed to share. Birds, for example, do so many things so well and with such ease, making it challenging to share things in front of or around them. They fly with determination. They sit atop trees with grace. They never seem to fall. They, most importantly, sing. They sing so beautifully.

I, too, like to sing. I like to sing maybe as often as birds do, but I do not feel the confidence they must feel to sing so freely and so openly. When I sing, I am usually alone, sometimes among trees and rocks…

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The flowers call to destiny


The flowers listen to their call of destiny.
They rise each morning, smile towards the sun
Embrace the visitors who walk along the path
And wink to the stars at night.


©Alexis Rose, image: Pixabay

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Words that can flow by writing

My Joyous Feature

There’s words that can flow. Flow by writing it down on a piece of paper. Words that comes from the mind. Taking more or less power into that next phase of life. Life takes that stream of consciousness into the power of words. Having these thoughts in a person’s mind that can simply flow. They are more than just words. Any kind of words can flow onto something. It all comes from that stream of consciousness.

Words can get hold of that powerful meaning. Encouraging someone who shall open these ideas onto a sheet of paper and just let it flow. They can truly write them entirely out. Putting that stream of consciousness into a whole new level. It’s a unique way to write something down. It doesn’t matter how well you write or errors. A person may going have to check over that or not.

A feeling beyond these…

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