Let 2020 Coming to the End & 2021 be More of an Healing Process

My Joyous Feature

2020 turned out to be a very depressing year. In the final days of 2019, you believe 2020 may be as good as ever. In the third month of 2020, all of a sudden, the world finds itself in this shocking moment. Feels like the world was going to end when the pandemic just started.

The first day an outbreak was announced, everything changed quite shockingly. Shelves in stores are empty and later had to put down a limit of items per customer. Classes has to go online. Business had to be closed. Working at home can be a difficult task for some. Staying at home. Social distancing. Staying six feet apart from one another. Being safe like wearing a face mask and other things. You were thinking “when this is going to be over”.

In addition to facing the pandemic, there were so many things. On the news you…

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Christmas In My Heart

My Joyous Feature

Christmas can be in my heart.

Having the knowledge to cherish the wonderful time of the year.

Realize that Christmas can be celebrated in so many ways.

I love the holidays every year.

Seasons of bright and joy.

Telling Christmas stories all the time.

Make beautiful memories each time.

A true sense of Christmas can be out of the ordinary.

See a lot of decorations all around.

In the meantime Christmas can be like a magical moment.

Nurturing that loving feeling around this joyous time.

My heart may be filled by a certain peace and joy.

Year after year, Christmas always brings this one-of-a-kind feeling.

Hopefully there will always be a time for this season of joy.

Embrace the wonders of Christmas.

As well, the New Year is quickly approaching.

Realize the year shall be…

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Ontario Autism Program Update

Ontario Autism Program Update

Peel Autism Resource

On December 11th, a long awaited update about the progress of the highly anticipated “needs based” OAP came from Jennifer Morris, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (Children with Special Needs Division).

The PDF of the update can be read here

There is a lot of verbiage and it’s a little confusing to ascertain what it’s actually saying. Hopefully, this will shed some light.

For those who don’t know, an OAP Advisory Panel provided recommendations to the government on the design of a needs-based, sustainable OAP back in October 2019. That report is available here.

It was announced in December 2019 that an Implementation Working Group would be tasked with designing a new “needs based” program based on the panel’s recommendations – no small feat.

The new “needs based” OAP contains several components. Service pathways include:

  • Core Clinical Services that include…

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A Christmas Memory

My Joyous Feature

There are so many things to remember about Christmas. Bring it into this sense of warmth. In addition, there may be other kinds of feelings that can treasure Christmas memories. Memories can be good to remember, especially around that time of season and joy.

As a child, you remember that your favorite thing at Christmas is presents. See these presents under the Christmas tree in a well-wrapped package. Hopefully you can’t wait till the day to open it.

You remember the time as a child sitting on Santa’s lap telling him what you want for Christmas. And take pictures together. On some holiday season you write a letter to Santa even if it’s a school assignment. You will also enjoy the Christmas festivities at school. Exchanging gifts and enjoy a couple of goodies.

Getting together around Christmas can be good to be near your loved ones. You either go out…

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Tis’ The Season

My Joyous Feature

Tis’ the season for that brightest moments for the holidays.

It can be like, there’s always been a season of joy.

Seeing the stocking hanging up in a perfect way.

Tis’ the season for that jolly moment of all times.

Having the knowledge to cherish the wonders of life during the holidays.

Embracing something that can always be amazing.

Seeing the Christmas tree filled with lights and ornaments.

Encourage that pure self to enjoy it all the time.

A season of joy shall never end.

Season’s greeting every time the holiday season comes.

Open your eyes and look at these Christmas colors.

Needing something to carry on for the holidays.

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Celebrate The Season

My Joyous Feature

Celebrate the season in a joyful way. Let it feel like it can be celebrated every day. Find a time to cherish the time of a seasonal welcome.

Embrace the wonders for the holidays. Letting it feel like there’s going to be some bright moments going around. The holidays may bring something very unique.

Enjoy the season in a positive way. To bring this good feeling through peace and joy. Make you feel much better about the holidays.

In this wonderful time of year, there are old and new memories. Keep in mind the good things.

Let the holidays feel like never before. Each year there may be the same or different.

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To A New Day

My Joyous Feature

The next day can always be a brand new day.

Open up like grateful.

A new day may seem like a new beginning.

Notice that each day can be different than any other day.

Embracing something like it can be pretty amazing.

When a different day comes, it may have its best moments.

Days may pass and changes may be made.

A new day can shine through.

Years may also bring new things.

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Be A Cloud

My Joyous Feature

Be a cloud watching everything below.

Embrace the power of Mother Nature.

A cloud may resemble a softer texture.

Centered around the clear blue skies.

Letting it move around the sun.

Outdoors can make the clouds as a picture perfect view.

Using it as a way to visualize more about the clouds.

Discover something more in an entirely different way.

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