June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Due to the abundance of cats that are looking for homes, you can always find great pets at shelters and rescues.  Petfinder is one website that advertises shelter and rescue animals from all over Canada and the USA.  Municipal pounds have pages on the city or town’s website, where you can look up animals.  The phone book also lists animal shelters, under the blue pages for municipal pounds, and in the yellow pages for not for profit charities.

Toronto Cat Rescue and Kool Kat Rescue are GTA charities that foster cats for adoption.  Both the Toronto Humane Society and the OSPCA have reopened after renovations.  Durham Humane Society has also reopened in a brand new building, after a devastating fire a few years back.  Another Durham shelter is the no-kill Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary, which specializes in cats.

On a related note, Toronto City Council is voting this month on possibly passing a bylaw that would allow pet stores to only sell animals from shelters or legitimate breeders.  This is an excellent proposal, as it will discourage the puppy and kitten mills from selling animals.  I would like Toronto residents to contact their city councillor, asking them to support this bylaw.