Deep in our Minds

My Joyous Feature

Deep in our precious minds we can cherish our thoughts with pure intensity.

Empowering ourselves with a pleasant impression.

Embrace that kindly life.

Putting knowledge against our actual selves.

In our precious moments our minds can challenge us in so many ways.

Nurture our minds and body.

Open with a kindly spirit.

Using our minds for so many things.

Realize there’s some thinking pattern going around.

Memories shall flow within our minds.

In that positive reaction our minds shall open up to something else.

Needing some hopes around.

Defining it with different facts.

Seeing that moment with an open mind.

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Open-hearted Listener

My Joyous Feature

Open with a delightful peace and joy.

Putting some knowledge against so many things in life.

Empowering that truthful moment.

Needing some encouragements to go around.

Having that kind hearted spirit.

Eager to extend through that moment.

A true listener can understand something.

Realize there’s a shining light going around.

Taking that pure moment to challenge a true impression of life.

Empowerment shall take its stand.

Defining anything beyond that point of life.

Listen to that thoughtful moment.

In that pureness of life anything in that common mind shall be put in full control.

Staying on that positive side.

Taking that advantage beyond everything else.

Encourage that pure self to listen in.

Notice a little bit of something on the way.

Empower that pure essence of the soul.

React against that working…

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What is Neurodiversity? – Neurodiversity in a Nutshell

What is Neurodiversity? – Neurodiversity in a Nutshell

Neurodivergent Rebel


Hi guys, NeuroRebel here … and the wiener dog.  (Yes, I love you.  Can you be quiet while I talk in the video?  Can you be a good boy?)  Let’s see if he’ll be a good boy.

I was diagnosed autistic just before turning 30, and I went a good portion of my life not knowing – well, I knew … I knew I was different, and I knew I experienced the world in a different way, but I just kind of thought I was a freak or a weirdo or nobody would get it.

Then, when I was diagnosed autistic, I realized oh my gosh, a lot of these experiences are very common for other autistic people, and there’s something really comforting about that.

I should say that every autistic person is different and every autistic person’s experience is very unique, but there are just some things that…

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An Autistic Perspective – Non-Autistic Parents & the Neurodiversity Movement

Neurodivergent Rebel


Hi everyone.  NeuroRebel here, and this week I wanted to talk about a very disturbing tweet that I have seen on Twitter, and it was talking about how they claim that the neurodiversity movement is anti-NT parent of autistic kids.

This is really, really absolutely not true.

A lot of the work I do is because I see that there are parents out there looking for help, looking for answers, and looking for questions.  When I do a video, I just kind of try to think “What would I have wanted the adults and teachers and parents around me to have known when I was growing up (undiagnosed)?”

Now that I’m able to share these things, that’s why I make my videos.  I can’t speak for other people out there who make autism videos and love neurodiversity as much as I do, because it really has changed and saved…

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The PROBLEM with Autism Awareness Month – why Autistic people urge you not to Light Up Blue

The PROBLEM with Autism Awareness Month – why Autistic people urge you not to Light Up Blue

Neurodivergent Rebel


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Hi everybody. My name is Christa Holmans, and I’m the Neurodivergent Rebel. When I was 29, I was suffering from autistic burnout and was diagnosed autistic … and only really started to get my life on track when I started to live a more authentic autistic lifestyle. A big, essential part of that for me is learning not to be ashamed of the things that make me autistic, and learning to be okay with and accepting of my weaknesses. And also, I’ve had to learn more about appreciating and focussing on my strengths because I’ve found that, for me personally, when I get too focussed on all the areas in which I struggle or could potentially do better, I lose sight…

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Why Autistic People Generally Dislike Autism Speaks

Why Autistic People Generally Dislike Autism Speaks

Neurodivergent Rebel

Why Autistic People Generally Dislike Autism Speaks – A few thoughts and a little history on Autism Speaks. #actuallyautistic #neurodiversity


If you like what I do, and would like more, please consider subscribing on Patreon. Transcriptions below paid for by the Patreon Subscribers.  I truly appreciate you!


Hey guys!  So, this week’s video, I wanted to do something just a little bit different.  I just wanted to talk a little bit about what the deal is with Light Up Blue and Autism Speaks, and #RedInstead, and why a lot of autistic people actually do not support (and actually really dislike) Autism Speaks, and why many autistic people ask that non-autistics do not light up blue in April for Autism “Awareness Month.”  I just wanted to talk a little bit about that in this video because I get these questions a lot, and I thought it would just be…

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A Quick Note About “Autism Martyr Parents”

A Quick Note About “Autism Martyr Parents”

Neurodivergent Rebel

Some comments on “autism martyr parents” / why we need to stand up to big media companies & tell them this type of content is unacceptable. Meanwhile autistic  people’s voices are almost never heard over the non-autistics speaking over us.

You can find them in “Autism Mommy Facebook Groups”, blog pages, and even writing books about how their “lives are heavily burdened by their autistic children”. You may have encountered them and not even know it. What is an autism martyr parent?

Autism Martyr Parent – Typically a parent who is convinced autism is something that needs to be removed from their child. They may, incorrectly, believe that underneath their “broken autistic child” lies a “trapped normal child”. Their main mission is often “curing the child of their autism” or making their child appear “less autistic” and “more normal”.

One key feature of an AMP (Autism Martyr Parent

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The Adulting Autistic Podcast – Adult Diagnosis, Stimming, Friendships, & More!

The Adulting Autistic Podcast – Adult Diagnosis, Stimming, Friendships, & More!

Neurodivergent Rebel

I recently had the extreme pleasure of being invited onto the Adulting Autistic Podcast. In this episode we talk about stimming, friendships as an autistic adult, life after an adult diagnosis, and more!

Subscribe to the Adulting Autistic Podcast: 

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By Wisdom’s Star

My Joyous Feature

By the joys of life wisdom can take its toll.

Your precious moment, shall open up through empowerment.

Wisdom can cherish a shining star.

In that point of life a star shall share that power of wisdom to the sensory world.

Seeing it with glowing colors.

Defining that moment in a confident way.

Open to the wonders of positivity.

Making that point of life into something more mindless.

Something shall understand the pure feeling of a wisdom’s star.

Staying truthful along the way.

Taking it in that bittersweet feeling.

A wisdom’s star shall carry through.

Realize that moment, shall come in peace.

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