Tell Different Stories

My Joyous Feature

Tell a different story about the wonders of life.

Embrace these stories with an honest impression.

Let these stories to be equally astonishing as ever.

Let it bring that powerful feeling into something else.

Different stories come from its very unique personality.

Incredibly a story can carry out so many scenes in a very unique way.

Figuring out what a story is about.

Feels like a story comes from the heart of soul.

Embrace the true meaning of life.

Realize what’s going to take place next.

Enjoying these stories in a positive manner.

Needing a way into looking at other stories.

Taking each story wherever it goes.

Stories shall put a slight bit of bonding.

Telling these stories in a very different manner.

Open these stories with a meaningful response.

Realize that each…

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Beauty Changes In Any Way

My Joyous Feature

Beauty can change that very unique figure. Making it more like there’s some confidence around. Finding a way to embrace it with something to cherish for. A true meaning of beauty can be taken into a whole different level. Eventually years of beauty can change very differently.

Changes through beauty can bring something against so many things. Like beauty can sparkle some bright colors and blending it into that symbol. Utilize it with something that can resemble the wonders of beauty.

There’s that true beauty that might not change at all. Balancing out into that self-esteem movement. Letting just about anything around change into something different. Making beauty sparkle through that powerful expression. Controlling it with something through that positive response. Letting it flow into action.

Beauty can be changed more frequently. Putting some confidence in a powerful position. Like beauty doesn’t always have to be the same. Years go…

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Live Beyond An Encouraging Life

My Joyous Feature

Some things in life can bring some encouragements around. Like taking one step more into something better. In that very pleasant moment life puts some encouragement into a whole different perspective.

A moment in life can carry that encouraging reaction. Feels like a commitment against anything else. Cherish it with the joys of life. Understanding that quality of an encouraging life.

Encourage through that meaningful life.

Needing some kindness along the way.

Cherish something in a positive manner.

Open that mind with some expression.

Using some encouragements for amazing things.

Realize that an encouraging moment has something very meaningful.

An expression into different things.

Gratitude shall add some encouragements as well.

Encourage something in a strong manner.

Manifest through these encouraging things.

Empowering that encouraging feeling.

Notice something else about it.

Taking some encouragements up to the…

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An Unpicked Flower

My Joyous Feature

An unpicked flower can never be touched.

Nurture with some pure sunlight.

Unique with a blooming sensation.

Nature surrounds around a flower.

Pick the flower and it can fade.

Incredibly a flower has that pretty color.

Colors can be sparkles around the flower.

Keeping the flower as pretty as possible.

Embrace the flower with some planted seeds so other flowers can bloom also.

Days go by and the flower is still perfect as always.

Feels like a perfect moment to discover the flower like a picture perfect view.

Loving the flower like anything else.

Outside a flower can be seen with the sun shining over.

Windy days cannot blow the flower away.

Enjoy the moment, seeing the flower.

Realize something about the flower. The flower shall stay perfect for a long time.

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The Via Appia

The Via Appia


Welcome to the fourth post in my series about my Italian holiday (2-11 September 2020). This post picks up from the end of the Ostia post and covers the second major activity of the holiday, a look at the Roman end of the Via Appia (I saw the other end of the Via Appia at Brindisi – Brundisium in ancient times – on a previous visit to Italy some years back, but I have yet to see the intermediate point at Capua).


We had supper out at a place that was a fair walk from the apartment we were staying. The meal was well worth the walk. It was at this meal that I discovered wild chicory, which is excellent stuff. Here are some pictures from that evening.


My mother, my sister and I went out to visit a food market near where we…

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Act of Healing

My Joyous Feature

An act of healing can see something more like power.

Certain things can cherish the power of healing.

Taking a moment to realize something about healing.

Open into something more different than ever.

Figuring out the next step for healing.

Healing can have that mysterious power.

Embrace the true significance of healing.

An act of healing can bring that soothing feeling in.

Letting that mind heals itself.

Incredibly healing can be very different from anything else.

Nurturing that body and mind.

Getting into that much better mood afterwards.

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Italy 2020 2: Rome Before 1st Major Outing

Italy 2020 2: Rome Before 1st Major Outing


This is a continuation of the story of my Italian holiday (2-11 September inclusive) that I started in my previous post. It sets the stage for the account of our visit to ancient Ostia that will be the subject of my next post in this series.


With my sister and nephew due to arrive late in the evening my parents and I did some local exploring, including walking right round the outside of Castel Sant’Angelo. In the opera of that name the tragic heroine Tosca throws herself from the top of the Castel (they use a bit of dramatic license to have her land in the Tiber. It is also that stretch of the Tiber that features in one of the Daniel Craig Bond movies, where Bond’s car ends up at the bottom of the river.

The following morning my mother, my sister and I went out…

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I Think Sadness

My Joyous Feature

I think sadness can form into that depressive reaction.

Thoughts can form through that saddest part of life.

Having that moment to hide that sadness from others.

I think about sadness like a broken heart.

Nurture that sad feeling away.

Keeping that sadness to yourself.

Sadness won’t last long.

Anything can get that mind off from that sad feeling.

Determined to let that sadness go.

Needing some guidance to take that sadness away.

Expressing these feelings with everything else.

Staying honest within that true self.

Staying strong as always.

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Something About Abundance

My Joyous Feature

Abundance shall bring something around. Having these opportunities comes into action. A moment that can be truly blessed with abundance. Cherish that great sensation of love, honor, and power. Experiencing so many things about it.

In a world that can be filled with abundance can be that key to open these doors into that mindful movement. Letting these circumstances form into something else. Like discovering that true meaning of abundance. Taking that moment to let everything coming through. Living beyond that pure reaction to something related to abundance.

There’s a moment to get through that mindful power. Letting abundance brings some process into that fulfilling moment. Through it all its like abundance can get hold of that advantage upon different things. Contribute into something equally strong as anything.

Abundance can cherish everything beyond something more irrelevant. Adding something through that manifestation universe. Like believing through something more mindful as ever.

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Comfort Can Be Anything

My Joyous Feature

A comfort moment has its soothing touch. That feeling can feel like sleeping on soft looking clouds. Making it more into that relaxing feel that can never go away. Any comfort moment can be very different in a physical and mental way.

Can a comfort be a cure for anything like anger, stress, loneliness and other feelings that you don’t want to experience. Maybe it can be in a very different way.

A comfort moment can be more that hugging a stuffed animal or anything else. Finding that tender of that soothing feeling coming through. Afterward, you can feel more comfortable than ever.

In your own home, there’s that comfort moment. A moment to kick off your shoes and relax anywhere. Relaxing in a warm bath is one of them. Lying in your bed can be a great way to unwind your day. There can be other comfort things in…

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