The Moon and I

My Joyous Feature

The moon and I had a very good connection.

Having the knowledge to enjoy the night sky.

Enjoying the moment under the stars.

Moments like the moon and stars in the sky can be as calm as ever.

Outside the moon shines towards me.

Outdoors can be peaceful at night.

Needed a place to sit under the moon and stars.

A moment can feel like I can bond with the moon.

Nights feels like total silence.

Dance the way under the bright moon.

I can understand the moon very well.

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Speak Your Story

My Joyous Feature

Stories can be spoken in a very meaningful manner.

Putting that very unique strength when it comes into a story.

Embrace it with a perfect twist.

A story can be spoken from the heart.

Keeping your story as gracefully as possible.

Your story carries out a very unique personality.

Open your story like a magical impression.

Using the story as an expression.

Realize that any story can be made very differently.

Stories can be just a pure bonding.

Taking that story in different places.

Out in the open world you can have so many stories to choose from.

Realize that you can take in more than one story.

Your story holds that positive conclusion to make it complete.

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A Creative Piece

My Joyous Feature

Something shall create that wonderful piece. That vibrant and beautiful piece can shine out into a wonderful artistic creation. Shine its way to that creative movement. Cherish it in a very lovely way.

A creative moment can be designed in so many ways. Kind of like its very unique personality. A person can dream about that wonderful piece coming to life. Also, it can make into a reality. Dreaming about that creative piece can feel like actual goals. Putting that imaginary moment forward.

Any piece in that creative way can be made into a thousand words. Like it’s a perfect picture hanging up on the wall. A thousand words through that creative piece can be cherished through that very unique story. A story that can be used in that very creative manner.

There’s that vibrant moment that can put something creative into something else. A beautiful piece has that perfect…

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Flower and Tree

My Joyous Feature

Flowers can be seen around a tree.

Leaving nature as bright as ever before.

Outdoors can make a single flower and tree into a picture perfect scene.

Windy days can blow off a petal from a flower and leaves from a tree.

Embrace seeing something as unique like anything else.

Realize there’s something about a flower and a tree.

A tree can be filled with flowers.

Nature has its moments with different surroundings.

Different flowers can be bloom around a tree.

Trees can make a perfect differences around so many flowers.

Realize that most flowers can be bloom around spring.

Enjoy that moment outside with a perfect tree and flowers blossoming all around.

Embrace that nature’s beauty.

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