Christian Animal Welfarists Challenged (Part Two)

Shepherding All God's Creatures

The Lord is my Light and Salvation –

We ended (Part One) on Creation with Greg Boyd’s suggestion that, whether you believe in the Young Earth Theory; or in Evolution; or in some other view; the important thing that we all can agree on is simply the fact THAT God created the world and all life – not HOW He did so.

On The Tree Of Knowledge

We acquire knowledge every day of our lives.  We are innocent of the quest of knowledge in the sense that we cannot live a normal life without learning more of the world around us, the people around us and of our own reactions to them – it is thrust upon us.  However, the setting of the Garden of Eden shows mankind with a choice; the choice of remaining within dependence upon God’s loving care, or a choice of disobeying Him…

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Chapters of your lifetime

My Joyous Feature

You’d imagine your life in so many ways. Opening up your heart and mind with reliable colors. You listen to your heart and mind every time. Your life is like a story. A story that can proceed from start to finish.

There’s some chapters in your life that you had to take. Some in which you have to fight it against your will. These chapters in your life are merely more of a story to tell. It’s a way to experience a lot more open into your very own words. Feeling a lot more open and honest about it.

In between, you re-read the same chapters over and over. In fact, there’s no way that you can’t start that new chapter. You simply want to finish off that chapter that you read over and over. Afterward that chapter can be completed and you can move into the next chapter of…

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The sun and moon awakened

My Joyous Feature

The sun calls for that sunset moment on that loving evening. Awaiting patiently for the moon to wake up. As soon as the moon starting to arise up and begin to shine up the night sky the sun will die down into that deep sleep. The moon shines up the night. The stars will accompanied the moon. As the moon waits until the sunrise goes upon that early morning hours the moon will finally fade away into sleep. The sun wakes up into that sun rising moment and then will get out into the daylight. The clouds have starting to accompany the bright sunlight.

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A picture tells a story about shiny stars

My Joyous Feature

There’s a picture of the stars shine up the darkness. It can distinguish a story beyond that picture. The stars had to shine up the darkness to bring some illumination into the darkness. The darkness is just totally dark. Facing up the shiny stars will guide you whatever you please.

The shining stars can bring that feeling beyond every soul around. The stars are like tiny flashlights that can radiate all over. Bringing these tiny lights of shininess at that perfect style. Making that perfect posture through that ovation. Feeling like the stars is like a group of guiding angels.

The picture of the stars shining up will tell it totally. Turning over that feeling of something that will never forget.

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Finding our own decision to manage things

My Joyous Feature

There’s a fact beyond life that we had to choose from. We may choose it from our judgements. Our thoughts can take that pleasure to dispense with so many decisions we had to choose from. We can allow our pure selves be that believer even if we had to choose. We can take for ourselves because we can. We can get hold of that moment to express our feelings. There may or may not be any yes or no answers. It’s like we can take a fight for it.

We can or cannot except the goodness among ourselves. We don’t always care for bad things. It’s the pleasure of life that our lives can involved into so many affairs. For an example: we had to discover a way to choose and doing it wisely is so much better. We don’t want to give up on the things the way we…

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