Amazing People: Aimee Copeland

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Aimee Copeland is a grad student whose future has just been started. On the faithful day on May 2012 her life changed. A zip line fall leaves a cut on her calf and has to have stitches. Later on, after having to have stitches in her calf she noticed something wrong with her. It was revealed that she has a flesh-eating bacteria.

During the suffering from that illness caused so many things to her body. It has caused her hands, a part of her abdomen, one leg, and one foot amputated in order to survive. Aimee has to rebuild her life by learning to do things and has fitted with prosthetics. This does not stop her from doing so many opportunities to overpower.

Aimee has been an inspiration to others. She’s an advocate for people with disabilities. Started a foundation. Living independently like driving, cooking, putting on make up and…

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So what’s the message I’m trying to convey…

When talking about a neurological difference, it provides one more voice in the complexity and individuality of neurodiverse ways of being.


I’m preparing to give a presentation next week. I was hired to talk about living with PTSD. When I asked for what specific talking points they wanted me to cover they gave me three: How I became aware that I had PTSD, How I decided to write books about it, and How I’ve moved forward in my life with the PTSD.

This is a great jumping off point, and I’m glad they had some specific ideas of what they would like the audience to hear. As I began to prepare for the talk, outlining what I wanted to say, I sat back and asked myself, what message am I really trying to convey?

I am clear about why I write and speak. I’m passionate about bringing awareness to, and to help end the stigma of living with a mental illness. But that seemed like the broad stroke message to me…

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How to report missing adults with autism or learning disabilities respectfully. By Elsa Matawan- Guest blog post Ausomely Autistic.

How to report missing adults with autism or learning disabilities respectfully. By Elsa Matawan- Guest blog post Ausomely Autistic.

An interesting article with tips for law enforcement officers.

Ausomely Autistic

How to report missing adults with autism or learning disabilities respectfully.

By Elsa Matawan

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare; a loved one goes missing, and we fear for their safety. The stakes are even higher when the person has autism or a developmental difference. When dealing with older teens and adults, these unique sets of challenges open up an ethical debate over how to report the person. How much, if at all, do you reveal the challenges while maintaining the privacy rights of the person? Here are some tips on how to balance safety with respect.

Photos. Use as mature a photo as possible. Crop only the person’s face in the photo. Comfort items (stuffed animals,etc.) are personal and should be cropped out. Government issued ID is preferred.

Disclosing disability. How to disclose disability such as autism is a constant debate. How a person’s autism is disclosed is a personal matter…

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Gentleness with a Soft-Spoken Touch

My Joyous Feature

Gentleness can brings along that soft-spoken sound. A sound that is perfect into a sweetness of life. That low pitch will overcome a soothing method. Seeing it in a more delicate way. That softer sound will balance out that perfect somebody.

A loving spirit can bring that softer side into a different story. It’s like a story that’s coming up into that pure moment. Cherish it into a bittersweet life. Life will bring a soft-spoken spirit into a safer start. The world will make for that spirit of joy in a move improving way.

Looking into that gentle smile will open upwards in that pleasant way. A smile will approach that shininess through that gentleness of soul. Feeling a lot more powerful against that soft-spoken life. Realizing that power of gentleness. Feeling like that gentle person.

Self-awareness brings that gentle love all over. Looking beneath that kind of brightness. Seeing…

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