Pure White Gown

My Joyous Feature

Pure and gorgeous a white gown can be pretty like an angel.

Unique is that which it is made.

Realize that a white gown can be made out of something more sparkling.

Everything anybody can think of can say something nice or beautiful.

White as the light of day.

Hoping that a white gown can be fit perfectly.

Incredibly a white gown can be worn on special occasions.

Taking a moment to see it up close.

Evening events can make a white gown more like a sparkling moment.

Gorgeous in every way.

One white gown is different from any other gown.

When it was worn, it is quite astonishing.

Notice that somebody might want to wear that white gown someday.

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Boycott Color the Spectrum, Finance the Spectrum Instead

Boycott Color the Spectrum, Finance the Spectrum Instead


Image Description: A poster for Color the Spectrum. The title of the event is white with each letter of color placed in a different coloured block. The rest is on a black background. The word Boycott has been added to the poster in yellow.

So it’s April, which means it’s Autism Awareness/Acceptance month. A month Many of us autistics have come to dread for the proliferation of bad information, inspiration porn, and enrichment of problematic autism charities. We have historically referred to April as Autism Bewareness Month. The realities of a global pandemic had many of us hoping that limits created by COVID-19 would offer us a reprieve from the usual annual drama. This has unfortunately not been the case.

Rober’s video for Color the Spectrum

YouTube scientist Mark Rober and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel are hosting a fundraiser (see video above) for autism charity NEXT for AUTISM which…

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A Quiet Room

My Joyous Feature

A quiet room can feel like there’s so many things to use that room. It mostly can be used as a way to calm that mind down.

Quietness can be better. Meditation can be used in that quiet room.

Using the mind as a way to stay quiet. Make it feel peaceful in a different way.

Inside the quiet room its all about silence with something to ease the mind.

Everything in a quiet room that’s related to silence in that own unique way can be added in. Most of the time meditation and something like a pillow or maybe music for relaxation.

There may be some decorations to make a quiet room more interesting to use even if it’s good enough to stay for longer periods.

Reading a book may be worth using without disturbing.

Outside, the quiet room can be very…

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Allow Beauty to Fill My Eyes

My Joyous Feature

Allow beauty to fill my eyes with wonderful things. Seeing them with some joy. The world around can be filled with beauty. Allow me to explore confidently.

I allow beauty to be seen in all manner of ways. Mostly inner beauty can stand out. It’s like being used for anyone who just wants confidence. I can let it be as a way to make everything feel a lot better.

Beauty can stand out very differently. Full of something to believe in. In the end, beauty comes from all kinds of things. Letting it feel like beauty can be more than anything.

I allow myself to let beauty be, more than anything. Sometimes I visualize beauty as something else. Visualize something like beauty can make me think that anything with beauty in it can shine through even if there are things may not have a sense of beauty in them.

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Listen to my Voice

My Joyous Feature

Listen to the sound of my voice.

It’s feels like total guidance.

So you can make sense of something that can be pretty powerful.

The moment you hear my voice, it may look like guided meditation.

Encourage yourself to sympathize with me.

Notice that your mind can go in a different direction.

Take some time to let me help you while you listen to me.

Open your mind to a passionate sense.

My voice can serve as a mentor.

You can express yourself by listening to my voice.

Visualize something that feels more peaceful.

One day you’ll thank me for this time when you can listen to my voice.

Incredibly, you may feel a lot better afterwards.

Cherish something that may be very honest.

Encourage yourself to be more open about a lot of things.

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Dreams Can Create

My Joyous Feature

Dreams can create such a lot.

Realize that dreams can be made completely different.

Everything in a dream may bring something more similar to anything else.

A dream can be a wish or setting some goals.

Make it easier to understand to live the life you wanted.

Seeing a dream with an open mind and a sense of visualization.

Cherish these dreams to the fullest.

A dream can be quite passionate about using it in different ways.

Nothing can stop you from living out that dream.

Creating a dream may make it look like there might be creativity too.

Realize that creativity may be part of this dream.

Encourage yourself to let your dreams relate to all that you want to experience.

A dream may feel as a means of accomplishing things.

Take a moment to let yourself be…

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Stations of the Resurrection

Greg Kostiuk


This past month has been difficult for many of us; staff, parents, students, and most of all, individuals directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Throughout these difficult times, we have all been witness to the many acts of love people of shown each other.  There is no better model of love than Christ.  Easter demonstrates God’s love for us.

During the Easter Week we focus on Christ’s last days; many of us reflect and pray the Stations of the Cross.  Sometimes we forget about the important part of Easter, the Resurrection.


Recently, I was reminded of the fourteen Stations of the Resurrection, a counterpart to the Stations of the Cross.  Whereas the Stations of the Cross show the events of Christ before Easter, the Stations of the Resurrection show the events between Easter and Pentecost.  The Stations of the Resurrections are:

Stations of the Resurrection (Via Lucis)
1. Jesus Rises…

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Life is for Living

My Joyous Feature

Life may be worth a lot of things.

Incredibly, there are so many possibilities out there.

Figuring it what to do for yourself.

Everything in life can be quite challenging.

In the meantime there can be dreams to fulfill in.

Seeing that moment of letting go, exploring various things.

Figuring out that passion.

Open up to everything that you want to do.

Realize that nothing can stand in the way of you doing anything.

Live whatever life you want to live.

Incredible things may make you more interesting as a hobby.

Visualize yourself doing things.

In this authentic self, you can find goals for your lifetime.

Notice that you can accomplish anything you can think of.

Going out into the world an explore in your own unique way.

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A Little Child

My Joyous Feature

A child’s life can come in handy. It may seem more like an imagination for a child to enjoy.

Letting themselves enjoy their childhoods. They can be very interested in understanding these things.

Incredibly, a child will learn so much. Things that may come from books and so on.

The mind of the child can put a visualization through the fantasies of stories or anything they may think. Even if they enjoy the outdoors.

Taking this moment to explore new things even if they know about it at school.

Learning new things as a child can be quite amazing.

Explaining to a child so many things can be important for them to know about.

Colors can sparkle a child through art, books, and other things.

Having a time to let a child know what is good and what is bad.


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