Boycott Color the Spectrum, Finance the Spectrum Instead


Image Description: A poster for Color the Spectrum. The title of the event is white with each letter of color placed in a different coloured block. The rest is on a black background. The word Boycott has been added to the poster in yellow.

So it’s April, which means it’s Autism Awareness/Acceptance month. A month Many of us autistics have come to dread for the proliferation of bad information, inspiration porn, and enrichment of problematic autism charities. We have historically referred to April as Autism Bewareness Month. The realities of a global pandemic had many of us hoping that limits created by COVID-19 would offer us a reprieve from the usual annual drama. This has unfortunately not been the case.

Rober’s video for Color the Spectrum

YouTube scientist Mark Rober and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel are hosting a fundraiser (see video above) for autism charity NEXT for AUTISM which…

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