Writing With Joy

My Joyous Feature

The joy of writing shall put that very strong feeling into some genuine thoughts. These thoughts will be let out and will be put on a single page or a sheet of paper. Writing can be that pressure to simply carry it on in so many ways. It’s like a person should write their very own story. A story that will brighten up into something greater.

The mind will flow into that perfect skill. A skill that can bring that personality, though writing sparkles. It shall be put down so many words like it has never taken place. Somehow writing can be kept in a much private way. It can be for your eyes only.

Writing can be that part of your lifetime. A lifetime that can be like writing a letter to someone. It can also be like a dependable friend to you. That moment through writing is like…

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Sam the Hedgehog is an upcoming short animated film about autism

imageImage: Sam the Hedgehog looks up, holding and appears to be contemplating a fruit loop.  He holds a bowl of the cereal, with several pieces lined up in colour rows.  Photo courtesy of www.samthehedgehog.com.

Sam the Hedgehog is an upcoming film about a neurodivergent hoglet living in a world of neurotypical sheep.  Though I haven’t yet seen the film, it appears to look at autism in a neuropositive way.

There is a segment on the Sam the Hedgehog website that suggests parents of autistic children share their children’s story (which is anonymous, and will remain so.). However, I was delighted to find out that, when you click on this segment, it states that, if you are autistic yourself, you can share your own story.

Sam the Hedgehog is running an Indigogo campaign to fund the upcoming film until May 2nd.  More information can be found on the Sam the Hedgehog website.


Cheerful of Passion

My Joyous Feature

There’s that cheerful moment when a powerful soul shall live beyond greater things. Putting that joy of happiness into the honest feeling of passion. Bringing it forward to a whole new start. Experiencing it with a smile on that precious face.

A happy moment will start with some positive ideas. Seeing that brightest feeling shine into a pleasant statement. That negative will never overshadow a positive, cheerful moment.

Surviving with a cheerful attitude of mind will win over everything. Bringing it into that bright feeling. Looking into that optimism for success. In the meantime a cheerful life will bring some achievements in.

Life beyond that cheerful moment will balance out things. Getting that good side of life against all odds. Getting hold of these cheerful things forward. No bad side of life required.

A cheerful mind can be like discovering a perfect smile from a picture. Seeing it perfect as…

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Profiles in Resistance: Stories of Quaker Resistance



This month we continue our series of “Profiles in Resistance”, exploring stories of people of faith standing up against injustice.   At times the news of oppressive policies in government that hurt the poor, the disenfranchised, and minorities can cause us to balk.   But our various faith traditions here in the south-land are full of examples of those who have faced just such injustice square in the eye before, speaking truth to power, and successfully fighting to change the status quo.

In this month’s podcast, we interview Chuck Fager, Quaker activist and author, about his own experience working against injustice with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s actions in Selma as well as his work through the Quaker House of Fayetteville.   He also highlights examples of people from Quaker history who have modeled the commitment to standing for justice and peace, resisting injustice in their day, suggesting some perspectives they…

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Confession Through Every Details

My Joyous Feature

Through a confessional world, there’s that character. A character in life that shall take just about demands for a perfect reason. Looking into so many opinions to choose from. There is a time when that confessional moment emerges.

A new life will demand over that confessional standard. Feeling like there’s something to dream big about. A moment beyond that new life will form it into a perfect resolution.

Confession puts a creativity world into a whole fresh start. One of that creativity moment is art. Art holds that secret confession. Placing it into an immortal movement.

There’s a conclusion into confession. Producing so many things want to start all over again. It can cast a little change into that.

A question of prayer put out that spoken word. Experiencing it through a confessional unworthy moment and shattered it among weakness.

Confession is not necessary to practice alone. Bringing that soul…

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