Success is her priority

My Joyous Feature

She can see success. Success is that key word that she wishes. She can build that power through her intellect. She can open more about the meaning of success in her. She won’t have that successful life ruin her.

She can be a strong-powered individual who can build up her lifestyle to the next level. She can be that genuine person. She can see that power through her ability. Feeling that true love and creativity to build that successful power. She can be everything in the power of success.

Success can be that strong gravitational attraction for her. She can feel free to have the life that she always desired. Success is her middle name. In orderliness to be successful she has to climb the way from bottom to top. Afterward success can lead her to more respectable things.

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(repost) Song of the South: Water-mark


Ephesians talks about us being sealed with the Holy Spirit as a sign of our redemption.  This poem I wrote some time ago pictures aspects of how I have experienced this work of the Spirit in my life.  How have you experienced being “marked” by the Spirit’s work and life?



waves beach

Walls of water fall thick all around us both,

An ocean opening from sky above

Lacking only that briny saline smell

Which clung to me as a little boy

Emerging from the sea

Where I had been bathing with my brother and sisters

I remember that aroma falling about meafghan

Thick as Aunt Elaine’s afghan

Which I later would wrap around me

On cool Morrisville winter nights

Deep in camping mode, daddy said to us

“Don’t worry about no shower.

That sea will get you clean enough”.

That odor’s lingering embrace

Led me to feel unexpected kinship


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I write for myself and it can let my idea flow.

My Joyous Feature

I cherish my thoughts by writing. Writing things down make me feel free with my intellect. When I write I write with that true passion. I can write when I imply it. Writing is pure, giving that moment to just let everything out. Putting these thoughts down. Letting go of everything that’s in you.

I write like me putting together my own story. Everyone has a unique story. They can cherish it by writing. Writing comes from all sorts of power coming from the inside and out. Making a person’s mind as freely and more soothing as always.

A peaceful world can have some writing in it. Putting together a soothing and that relief moment. Making writing so different in every person’s personality. Peace comes around to writing. It’s like a story has already been told.

I let every emotion out by writing. It’s a way to cope and put…

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(repost) Experiencing God as the Womb-Kindness in Which We Live our Days


As we remember the Spirit’s role in our life, I think this devotional about the way in which God embraces us with womb kindness is an important part of the Spirit’s work in our life.


Moses-shining-faceAs I continue to reflect on Psalm 103’s fleshing out of the meaning of the name God gives God’s self to Moses in Exodus 3 of “I am Who I am”, or “The One Who Exists”, “One Who Lives”, or “Living One”, I am drawn to a section I paraphrase as follows:

““1 Bless the LIVING ONE, O my soul,

and all that is within me,

bless God’s holy name.

2 Bless the LIVING ONE, O my soul,

and do not forget all Their benefits—…

8 The Living One is merciful and gracious,

slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

9 They will not always accuse,

nor will hold anger forever.

10 This…

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Spiky dumpster fruit.

The Bear finds out that things are often very different than they initially appear.

Hello, I am a bear

Fruits are not a normal part of my daily diet. When I happen upon them, I certainly take the time to enjoy them, but those moments are so infrequent. Apple cores are the most common fruit I find. They are yummy enough, but the crunchy seeds get stuck in my teeth, making it an unpleasant experience overall. Orange peels are easy to find, too, but despite some entertaining chewability, there is not much enjoyment to be had with an orange peel. The juices that can be found at the bottom of dumpsters often taste like fruits, but there is usually so little of it to lick up and what little there is usually just gets my fur tangled into squishy clumps.

Fruits and I just do not mingle often. Too many restrictions. Too hard to find. Too sticky. So, when I stumbled upon the strange spiky fruit in the dumpster…

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A beautiful dream arises in visualization

My Joyous Feature

There’s beautiful things in life. There’s a dream that is formed of a fantasy world. A life can be beautiful with a dream. Seeing it like thin air. Looking at attracting things that can be abundant. Counting the blessings altogether. Is like watching it in that different versions of life.

A beautiful dream can make it possible to visualize for. An impossible dream can have its possibility. It can start out with that purpose of life. A dream has its possibility of peace and worthy. It’s sort of like putting together a story. A story of a dream that can build up intensity. Finding it into that secure feeling of life.

A dream can be that beautiful feature. It can pull in that possible standard. Gaining up to its kindly spirits. Like seeing it to believe it.

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How Losing my Faith Helped Me Find (Real) Faith – Part Two

Shepherding All God's Creatures

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(repost) One Spirit, present in as many places and people as there are moments in life


This old devotional I wrote ties into our themes of both Spirit in the season after Pentecost and Pride.  Hope it blesses you!


broodyspirit11 Corinthians 12:1-11 calls on me to be very careful not to judge other people of faith.   No one can say Christ is Lord but the Spirit touch her or his soul, and the variety of gifts, callings, and ways of expressing such a faith are as varied as the colors in the morning sky as the sun rises or falling on an autumn morning from the encircling trees of some mountain forest.   The fact someone lives out their faith or understands it differently than me does not mean it is any less authentic.

So often as believers we get too caught up in whose in or out, and judge others who claim to love God and seek to love others. Instead we are better served…

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Picking up an inner guidance throughout life

My Joyous Feature

A true guide to that inner feeling has a voice of natural process. Addressing up to that point of view throughout life. There’s a lesson that can tell us the facts about our actual selves. Through it all we can tell ourselves “what’s right for us” and we can think about so many opportunities to select from. We can take it from the bottom of our hearts.

We trust in our loving selves that there’s things that we can encounter on. Knowing our inner guide through so many aspects of life. Shedding light on all the negativity out of us and replacing it with so many positive things. When positive things are in we feel a lot better and a lot more clear throughout our daily values.

We can correct the improper things that happen to us and use things that are positive and open minded. Finding it perfect to…

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